Apple Reveals Safari 7

By | June 13, 2013 | 10 Comments

Apple Reveals Safari 7Shows how far behind Apple really is.

Recently, Apple has revealed the seventh version of its Safari web browser, that (like Internet Explorer) gets rarely updated, so it should be a pretty big deal, at least for them.

What kind of crazy features did they add this time? Unfortunately, most of these are just catching up with competition, for example:

Audio & Video tags
Private Browsing
CSS Canvas
Grammar Checking
… and so on

Apple Reveals Safari 7

I mean, highlighting Private Browsing and Audio & Video tags in such manner is worth more than just a facepalm. One of the better features though is the iCloud Keychain feature, allowing you to generate and store passwords across your devices.

Apple Reveals Safari 7

Lastly, Apple touted memory usage optimizations although actual numbers are lacking. As far as release date goes, it’s coming with OS X 10.9, which is set for Q3-Q4 release.

[Via: 9to5]

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  • Daniele

    private browsing was in Safari since version 3

    • Ahmad Alfy

      lol thats the first thing I noticed … PORN MODE :D

  • Maxim

    Well someone obviously not only have not watched the presentation but also has no clue what they are talking about… All those features that are “highlighted” in the image are one’s that Apple claimed they have been “innovators” and “inventors” of. The real new features they have presented were: Opera style side bar, auto fill forms and password/bookmarks syncing. So if anything this article is “worth more than just a facepalm”. Not that I’m defending Apple or anything but this is pretty bad writing/researching.

    • jayjam

      So the article is basically right after all if you look at the main message?

  • Opera/Mac Fanboy

    At first I assumed this article was supposed to be a joke. But it appears you were serious. As Maxim pointed out, the slide shown was a list of features they had either created or highly influenced. Considering it’s basically WebKit, I should think you of all people should know these aren’t new features.

  • Nycq

    This post shows how far behind FavBrowser really is.

  • Hector Macias Ayala

    Opera 12.x has private tabs in the same window.

    And they higlight blocking 3rd party cookies…

    • Ahmad Alfy

      Opera is a robust browser only hardcore users appreciate it

  • Conroy

    im not a fan of Apple but i think that they were doing better when Steve Jobs was alive, now they are going downards IMO, because they arent coming up with anything new

  • Minecraft Games

    Safari 7, I will be waiting for it. Safari is a browser that I often use.