More Spartan Details Revealed

By | March 23, 2015

More Spartan Details RevealedWhat happens when you keep delaying the release of Project Spartan? More uncontrolled leaks, of course; and thanks to the most recent one, the (almost) full picture of Microsoft’s upcoming web browser has been revealed. Here’s a recap:

Project Spartan includes two reading features, reading list and a reading mode. The first one allows you to save content for later access (will sync with Windows Phone 10) while reading mode works is what is currently available on IE11 / Windows Phone 8.1, basically it will remove ads and any other irrelevant content when activated.

Next is Cortana, which includes content aware features like direction suggestions when opening a restaurant page, ability to learn about various terms by right clicking on keywords, weather information when typing “weather” in the URL bar and more.

As far as other features go, one can expect Spartan to automatically recover a s open the tab, which has crashed.

Hopefully, the next Windows 10 build is coming soon so we can test all these goodies.

Via: [Neowin, FavBrowser]

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  1. James Curran says:

    This “reading list” …. Isn’t that what we now call “favorites”/”bookmarks” ?