Déjà Vu: Next Windows 10 Build To Include Spartan

By | March 19, 2015

Déjà Vu: Next Windows 10 Build To Include SpartanI swear we wrote this before.

If you’ve been following Project Spartan news then it should be a pretty common knowledge by now that Microsoft promised to include its new web browser in the “next” Windows 10 build (which was released yesterday). Unfortunately, it did not happen.

Now, it looks like the software giant is ready to make the very same promise again and hopefully deliver this time. While there is no ETA for the next build yet, yesterday’s Windows 10 Preview does include some changes in the new rendering engine, which Project Spartan will utilize.

Here’s what has since changed:

– Improved ECMAScript 6 compatibility (up to 74% in the Kangax ES6 compatibility test in this preview)
– Expanded support for DOM L3 XPath
– Support for WAI-ARIA Landmark Roles
– Support for CSS Conditional Rules
– Support for the Web Audio API
– Support for CSS Gradient Midpoints
– Improved FeBlend mode support
– Unprefixed support for the Fullscreen API
– Support for the Touch Events API and related interoperability improvements.

Features under development (can be enalebled in about:flags):

– Support for the HTML5 Date-Related Inputs API.
– Partial support for CSS Transitions & Animations on SVG elements
– A toggle for the CSS Filters API is available in about:flags but the feature is not yet implemented in this build.

And now we wait.

[Via: Microsoft]

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