More Great Stuff In Firefox 3

By | August 11, 2007

Firefox team keeps adding great features and last nightly build is not an exception.

What you can do now is see installed plug-ins in very friendly way, also enable or disable them, for example: Flash and/or DivX players.

Here how it looks:
Firefox 3 Add-ons, Plug-ins
Picture source.

Using Firefox 2 you can type about:plugins (in the address bar) and get similar information but in not so friendly way. Actually, you will see more than a few lines of text. Seems Firefox teem playing trying to make Firefox 3 as friendly as possible.

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  1. dongyi says:

    that is nice!

  2. kyleabaker says:

    That is a really nice new feature! I really hope to see Opera come out with something this user friendly for plug-ins.

  3. sid says:

    theyve added more stuff into FF3 between alpha 6 and alpha 8, than opera between 8 and 9. except widgets, that are..:/

    ive installed ff3 latest nightly, and have to say, that opera is dead the day ff3 is relased to public. it eats some more CPU and works a bt lower, but it works on 99.9% websites and in basic version [no extensions] has it all [spellchecking, easy update, everything in the gui]

    opera 9.5, better be good [that is – include spellchecker, some kind of extensions [GUI ofr userJS, persistant storage etc], work with google, auto-update]