Firefox 3 Got New Download Manager

By | August 13, 2007

Good afternoon everyone, first of all, sorry for not posting more than a day, my internet connection was down. But finally it’s fixed now. So let’s do the news.

One of the most interesting and great features in Firefox 3 was announced plug-ins “manager” (which rocks).

This time they are upgrading download manager. What’s new there? It became more user friendly. Now Firefox 3 download manager “separates” them by downloading stage, for example: active downloads are being shown in one line, while completed in another one (same with paused and canceled). When download is completed you can check it’s info by clicking small “Information” icon which shows download url and location in which it was saved, thought it would be great if I could see download url and location where it’s being download all the time (like Opera’s download manager).

Firefox 3
Picture source.

New Firefox 3 download manager also includes a search bar and might get more upgrades soon.

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  1. xErath says:

    It’s ugly, and cluttered.
    Paraphrasing someone on digg, we have popup blockers, and tabs to prevent out desktop from being cluttered with windows, and they still haven’t turned the download “manager” into a tab, where there is more space.
    It brings something new, but again, design is not one of Mozilla’s strengths. Their salvation is that the browser is extensible, and you can install an extension to have a decent and real download manager.

  2. Mick says:

    Keep in mind its not the final design. In fact, quite a lot of cleanup has happened since that screenshot was taken.