Mobile Benchmarks: Meet Facebook’s Ringmark

By | February 8, 2013

Facebook Ringmark

A new browser benchmark is in town.

Although we have a plenty of web browser benchmarks already, a new (and mobile specific) HTML5 test has just landed on the web.

So what’s so different about it?

According to Facebobok’s Matt Kelly (yes, this tool was created by Facebook and it is open source), there never was a “fair and comprehensive” test suite for mobile web browsers. As a result, Ringmark was created, which only tests features that app developers really need.

What we loved about the suite is its ability to distinguish features by utilizing rings, for example: Ring 0 represents basic functionality that the majority of mobile phones already have (interestingly enough IE10 Desktop completed the test while IE10 Mobile failed despite Microsoft saying that it uses same core), while Ring 1 shows what features need to be supported in order to build 2G games, music and video apps and even camera apps. As the time goes by, Ring 2 will be used to include WebRTC and WebGL features.

If you are would like to benchmark your own mobile web browser (or see competitor’s scores), simply head over to and check it out. The suite itself seems to be ahead of its time though as it features the upcoming iPhone 6.

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  1. Shane Bundy says:

    This benchmark is not new. Browserscope has incorporated this test for ages.

  2. apád anyád says:

    How I hate those ring benchmarks. They cannot be used for proper browser comparison at all. If any of the browsers fails in one of the rings, there will be no results for the outer rings, greatly limiting the benchmark elements that can be compared.

  3. Yeah, this is really old. Ringmark was announced on February 27, 2012 at the 2012 Mobile World Congress. I guess it would be interesting to hear what new things have been added/fixed since it was released.