Microsoft’s “Response” To Mozilla Exec

By | December 15, 2009

If you have read “Mozilla exec urges Firefox users ditch Google for Bing” story, then everything should be pretty clear to you.

Wonder what Microsoft did? Well, check background of the day:

Microsoft "Response" To Mozilla Exec

Need I say more?

Via Robert Accettura’s blog and Mozilla Links.


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  1. nvm says:

    LOL, Mozilla so scared of Chrome they run to Microsoft? :D

    • Jan Wolter says:

      I don’t think it’s about chrome.

      Google’s core business is helping you find information that other people have. Because of this, they have an uneasy relationship with the concept of privacy rights. It’s in that area above all others where they are constantly tempted to violate the “don’t be evil” maxim. Sometimes they teeter further of the the edge than other times, and someone at Mozilla seems to think this is one of those times.

      Microsoft’s dark side runs more in the direction of all consuming monopolistic practices that squelch innovation and reduce people’s choices. They like everything closed up and locked down (by them). They don’t mind you having some privacy, as long as you do it in their cage. They can be much better on privacy issues than Google.

      Different corporations, different light sides, different dark sides.

      And now and then Mozilla needs to nip at that hand that feeds it just to prove to itself that the fox is still a wild animal even if Google does own their furry behinds.

  2. Rafael says:

    I think that’s the most cute technological thing that happened this year. +_+