Google Chrome and Google Chrome Beta

By | December 15, 2009

Google Chrome and Google Chrome BetaHere comes two new versions of Google Chrome web browser: Final and Beta. Mainly, focusing on stability improvements as well as bug fixing.

Google Chrome Changelog

* [r31694] Fixes a crash while typing in the omnibox (issue 20511).
* [r32474] Fixes a crash while playing mp4 videos with odd sizes, such as 1366×768 (issue 27675).

Google Chrome Beta Changelog

* Initial implementation of the HTML5 sandbox attribute for iframes [WebKit@51577]
* [r33376] Copying an image from a web page and pasting into Gmail now works (Issue: 27708)
* Spellchecker moved to renderer. (Issue: 25677)
* [r33803] Fixed download dialog truncation in German locale. (Issue: 23178)
* [r33855] Fixed options panel truncation in various locales. (Issue: 24821)
* [r33793] Implement keyboard access between bookmarks and main toolbar. (issue 3510 issue 8329 issue 10942 issue 15228 issue 21211).


Google Chrome
Google Chrome Beta


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