Microsoft Trademarks “Blink”

By | April 16, 2013

Google takes notice.

As you might know, Google has recently announced its new rendering engine called Blink, which made us wonder whether or not Microsoft will soon be involved. Why? If you are a Windows Phone user, then there is a high probability that you are already using a photography app by Microsoft Research (first demonstrated in September 2012), which too is called “Blink”.

Well, as it turns out, Microsoft did get involved. According to TheNextWeb, the software giant has since filled a trademark for a “Blink” name and yes, it was after Google’s announcement.

Why do it? Well, seeing that both companies pretty much hate each other, Microsoft could just be messing with Google. However, TNW also reports that MS is planning to bake Blink functionality directy into the Windows Phone platform and it’s just a move to protect the name of an upcoming product.

However, not all is lost yet as Google’s Blink is a rendering engine while Microsoft’s Blink is just a photography app. They do not compete with each other and it’s nearly impossible to confuse one with another.

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  1. Przemysław Lib says:

    “blink” in computer science is more related to blink in html…

    So Google can probably invalidate any MS “blink” trademarks.

    • Prevacator says:

      That’s not how trademarks work. Microsoft was first to the party and as such, they get first dibs.

      However as the article states, they’re in completely different products; meaning they don’t compete with eachother and as such I see no reason why both can’t exist.

      • Przemysław Lib says:


        In Poland at leas you can invalidate trademark if you can show that it was used previously as general term or that people associate it with something general.

        Eg. You can not trademark :

        For name of website with reviews with app, because its too general.

  2. Ahmad Alfy says:

    Well that’s gay :D

  3. Jean Darch says:

    Blink UI™ is already there. It’s part of InterestMachine™ concept as well as MIST UI™. and

  4. Mikah says:

    Stupid name if Microsoft force Google to pick another name they will be doing Google a favour.

  5. yepi250 says:

    I like this article very much so much excellent info .

  6. Friv 10 says:

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