RIP Rockmelt Browser

By | April 15, 2013

RIP Rockmelt BrowserJust another drop in the sea.

Rockmelt, a social web browser that tried to reimagine itself (and failed), is no more. Trying to justify their incompetent approach in marketing and lack of innovation, the company semi-blamed Google and Microsoft while keeping quiet when it came to Firefox.

As it says, “distributing a desktop browser is hard and expensive (especially if you don’t have an operating system or the world’s most trafficked website to promote it)”.

Instead, the company is planning to rebrand into a site that aggregates content from your favorite web sites and/or people. Whether or not that will be enough to repay its investors a total of $40 million, we can only guess.

[Via: Techcrunch, Rockmelt Blog]

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  1. senna_4ever says:

    a pity, but the company was ridiculous

  2. craig wickesser says:

    There’s a typo in Vygantas profile, it says “carrier” instead of “career”.

  3. Prevacator says:

    Good riddance. What an utterly worthless browser.

  4. Swapnil99pro says:

    Hardly matters if it is there or not, not on the basis of how many used it, but on the grounds of what they introduced new in the browser market. In this case, almost nothing. No reason why a Firefox extension can’t make Firefox the “social browser”.