Microsoft Starts Advertising IE9

By | September 7, 2010

Microsoft Starts Advertising IE9

Although IE9 is yet to be released, it looks like software giant Microsoft has already began rolling ad campaign to promote upcoming web browser.

One of such ads was noticed by IStartedSomething on TechCrunch blog and it’s highly likely that similar banners are shown over dozens of blogs and/or popular sites.

Microsoft Starts Advertising IE9

Beauty… What is it all about?

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  1. Eric Hilton says:

    I was wondering if the Icon would be redesigned.. thought it might be a little prettier but.. still nice.

  2. Ichann says:

    I just hate how americans put the month before the day when writing dates.


    15th of September Ehh?


    • max1c says:

      I do too. *lives in America*

    • Matthew says:

      I am actually annoyed at all the Europeans that put the date first. It seems very backwards to me. But I’ll admit it’s subjective, simply a question of what I’m used to.

    • Matthew says:

      I wish Microsoft was making the beta available to Windows XP users as well — I hope IE9 Final will be available for WinXP at least…

      • mabdul says:

        No! MS make clear that they don’t want to support XP any longer (with IE) because of the ammount of extra work they have to do (escpecially with hardware acceleration) as they said (although Mozilla gets the work easily done!)

  3. Jeff says:

    microsoft is a steaming pile of shizz

  4. pravin says:

    When will the wait be over? I can’t wait until it is out. Ahh! I do feel that this time Microsoft will fix all the problems associated with its browser.