Fake IE9 Video Leaks, Press Freaks Out

By | September 8, 2010

There seem to be a lot of buzz about the recently “leaked” IE9 video. If you have yet to see it, check the video above.

What boggles my mind is the fact that quite a few tech sites consider it to be real and already discussing “how clean the UI is”. Seriously, people?

P.S. Boy oh boy, what if this video turns out to be a real thing and IE9 is actually that bad…

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  1. Eric Hilton says:

    I do not believe this is the real IE9.  Its so interesting how popular it is though when it isn’t even released yet.
    The buttons on this interface aren’t even placed decent and it just looks overall FAKE.  

    If it is real… eww.  

    This makes me can’t wait til the 15th.  

  2. Rafael says:

    LOL. The most fake IE9 content I ever seen, ever!
    It’s absurd lagging and there’s no single tab use, definitely not IE9.

  3. Ichann says:

    You know I would really like an overlay menu (Something differant Please!)

    Like the fake zuney IE9. That was just niice.

    I never understood MS for there UI. Half of there products use one form yet an entirely different product line uses another. Where is the conformity.

    Yet to see Apple do this.

  4. Bob Zenith says:

    I certainly hope this isn’t the real IE9.
    Although, I wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to make such a crappy UI.