Microsoft Is Working On Its Own Cookie Replacement

By | October 14, 2013

Microsoft Working On Its Own Cookie ReplacementRecently, we learned that Google is working on its own cookie alternative and now, it looks like it’s not the only one.

According to AdAge, Microsoft is too developing a similar technology, which would track users across PCs, tablets, smartphones and even Xbox. The replacement itself is basically a device identifier, which means that you could opt in or opt out of such service. Unlike now, where any company can collect data, such technology would make Microsoft directly responsible for your data, be it for better or worse.

If you are wondering about the effects of such tracking, AdAge said that “digital music video network Vevo could run a restaurant advertiser’s video spot in its Xbox app, then follow up with display banners targeted to viewers of that video ad when they check out Vevo’s app on their Surface tablet. Vevo could even add a banner in its Windows Phone app aimed to drive foot traffic for the restaurant.”.

Basically, you will be surrounded by persistent advertisers and won’t be able to hide anymore. For even more details, check the following article.

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  1. Mehran says:

    Microsoft and Google are two childish company trying to be the Godfather of the internet, spending countless money on useless projects.
    They are going to have this replacement war everywhere and the web would remain the way it is.

    I won’t use Dart or Typescript instead of Javascript, and cookie is good enough!

  2. zikes says:

    If it’s a device identifier, how would you maintain multiple profiles or handle alternative users?

    That oversimplification of identity would make it very hard to compete with cookies, especially if it’s not any more secure.