Microsoft Continues To Bash Chromebooks

By | December 6, 2013

Another day, another video.

If you are up for another bashing video from Microsoft then today is your lucky day as they are attacking Chromebooks again and this time it’s Ben, the PC Guy who compares them to a Windows 8 laptop / tablet (Asus T100).

The verdict? No one wants a Chromebook.

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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    Google Chrome and Chromebook sucks, but Microsoft Office is a big steamy pile of monopolistic crap. I installed OpenOffice four years ago and never once looked back. Now I use LibreOffice and it’s awesome, and their Calc is way better than Excel.

    Using Microsoft Office is like using Internet Explorer: maybe you actually NEED to use it because of some corporate bullshit, but chances are, if you use it, it’s just because you’re an old fart/uncultured yobo who doesn’t know any better.

    Also, can’t ChromeOS run Wine and run Photoshop and stuff on it? I never thought to try it, I’m not really sure it would run.

    • Allwynd says:

      since chromeos is linux, you can bring up a terminal and make it look like whatever you want:

      ditch the ui, install gnome, kde or whatever you want
      remove unwanted apps, install wine and use .exe files
      but you dont need all that, you can just buy a pc or a laptop without any os and install whatever you want on it, thats what im doing every time i buy a new computer