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By | December 5, 2013

Download Opera 19 NextBuild 19.0.1326.9.

Now here’s something for all the enthusiastic Opera users out there. Norwegian browser maker has just published the “Next” build of Opera 19, which gives a glimpse on what to expect from the final version.

So what’s new and different? First in the list is “Bookmarks Bar”, followed by custom themes but most importantly, guys at Opera have added a couple of neat features that will be appreciated by the power users:

– You can now adjust the number of columns on Start Page
– Hide the search box on the Start Page
– … and disable 1 pixel spacing on top of the tab bar

The best part? More power user features are coming!

Opera 19 Next

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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    I’m not sure my computer can process all the STILL NO FUCKING BOOKMARKS in this new release.

    • BarskeKjekken says:

      It does have bookmarks. It just views them differently. It’s called speed-dial and does everything as bookmarks did, only better. You can make folders with speed-dial as you could with the old bookmarks, The difference is that their easier to see and can load pictures/sites as picture to represent the links.
      Abit late, but welcome to 2013.

      They also have temporary bookmarks for things you don’t want on your speed-dial. The heart you can click on the adressbar to add stuff to your collection (might be translated to something else in english.)

  2. Grrblt says:

    “all the enthusiastic Opera users out there”

    I’m not sure that there are any left.

  3. mikeycali says:

    I tried this version the other day and had to take it off and go back to Chrome. I kept trying to get it to install LastPass with no luck. Likewise, Internet Download Manager (IDM) wouldn’t work. The Opera menu button on the top was annoying, kind of like the pre-Australis (UX) version of Firefox, and can’t be moved or hidden. The browser was fast but not faster than Chrome. I’ll keep my eye on Opera to see if they improve things but, in the meantime, I’ll stick to Chrome and Firefox.