Microsoft Continues To Attack Chromebooks

By | August 15, 2014

Microsoft Continues To Attack ChromebooksOffers various alternatives.

During Chrome OS announcement, former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, just laughed at Google. Now, it looks like the software giant is getting more and more aggressive towards Chromebooks, with the latest tactic being a new section in its store.

What is it all about? Basically, it matches Chromebooks against Windows machines on the similar price level, such as Dell Inspiron 15 ($249), ASUS X551MAV ($249), Acer Aspire E 15 ES1 ($249).

Google must be enjoying all this free advertising.

[Via: Neowin]

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  1. t0m says:

    That can only mean one thing: they feel really threatened by this technology. They can spew as much garbage as they want, a $249 running Windows is definitely gonna be a big ass slouch. The Chromebook is more than enough for some people… And no, I don’t own one.

    This kind of counter advertising is really annoying and speaks volumes about a company’s (lack of) self respect.

  2. t0m says:

    … a $ 249 notebook.