Download Opera DP 25 With Bookmarks

By | August 18, 2014

Download Opera DP 25 With BookmarksYes, proper bookmarks indeed.

Now here’s something a lot of people have been waiting for: a new Opera release, which finally delivers “the old school” bookmark manager.

While the fact that guys at Opera have been working on BM was somewhat known, this is the first build where it’s enabled by default.

I know you’re pretty excited to test it out so enough chit chat, see the download links below.

Opera Developer Preview 25

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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    I will now proceed to eat my own hat.

    Good job Opera. Dat bookmarks!

  2. Jarek says:

    good job
    if u will ad feed reader i will be 100% happy

  3. LIssd says:

    Woah, the bookmark manager is so pretty!

  4. NeckSpazm says:

    The audio does not work when selecting the listen option. Works in all other browsers.

    I would have posted this in their blog. But they have blocked me.