Meet Firefox’s New Logo

By | July 1, 2013

Meet Firefox's New LogoShadows will remain.

Now here is something uneventful yet still very worth mentioning: a new Firefox logo, which was designed with mobile in mind.

How so? According to Mozilla, it was optimized to look crisper and cleaner on devices with small screens yet would still scale really well on high resolution displays (such as qHD resolution Windows 8.1 ultrabooks and tablets).

Meet Firefox's New Logo

What do you guys think?

[Via: Seanmartell]

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  1. xsdvfb says:

    Although it is not my preferred browser, it had been the browser with the best logo. And now it is even better. Congratulations, John Hicks for designing such great icon, an they also go to the people that redesigned it to be now the new one.

  2. Simen Mangseth says:

    It’s much better, but they should have taken away the shadow, too, and deleted the blue holes in the tail.