Latest Opera 12 Build “Squashes” The Position:Fixed Bug

By | May 24, 2012

Latest Opera 12 Build “Squashes” Position:Fixed BugRC on the way.

Good news everyone, the latest build of the Opera 12 (Beta) web browser includes a partial fix for the position:fixed bug, which bothered people for quite some time.

What do we mean by a “partial fix”? Well, they made some adjustments and optimizations to improve the overall user experience. However, you might still notice scrolling issues on some of the web sites, such as Facebook or TheVerge. Still, it’s a great start and we are eager to see further enhancements.

This is certainly not the only fix that is featured in this build. For a complete changelog and download links, check the following post.

In addition to that, a team behind the Opera web browser is said to be focusing on serious bugs (or showstoppers, as we call them) right now as they expect to release the RC build shortly.

[Thanks, Shane]

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  1. Guy says:

    They have started to fix scrolling and the skin. But only partially with this release.
    The 12.10 version would certainly be fine with HA and user experience.
    I will probably keep 11.64 meanwhile.

  2. Yoyo says:

    This scrolling problem is not visible in laptop that have alright cpu but in old desktop one damn   it is very visible (CPU go 80 % as far as I remeber). 
    I will give a go in my old computer to see if it fixed for me :). Cnet is the one that have the problem as far as I know.

    • Since I surf most of the web pages at ~140-150%  zoom, it tends to make things worse.

      Can you check on your laptop if theverge scrolls fine with such zoom levels?

      • Yoyo says:

        CPU went up to 11 % (first about 3 seconds) 150% zoom , while scroling it goes up to 11 % computer have HT enabled so I do not know actually value is double.

    • Martin Suchan says:

      Well I got notebook with quad core Sandy Bridge and scrolling issue is VERY visible on Anyway, it’s just a minor annoyance to me.

  3. Theres already a newer build with improved renderig speed if your CPU (very probably) has SSE3 support.