Breaking News: Yahoo! Does Something

By | May 24, 2012

Breaking News: Yahoo! Does SomethingLaunches a search plugin, confuses it with a “web browser”.

Yahoo!, a once almighty company has announced a new plug-in for the PC and iOS devices, which, believe it or not, does some cool things with the search.

So what does it do? Well, let’s begin with the fact that it’s not a web browser, even though the video below says it is. Basically, it extends your browser capabilities with a widget/toolbar, which allows you to quickly access various search results (from weather to pictures).

“Our search strategy is predicated on two core beliefs—one, that people want answers, not links and two, that consumer-facing search is ripe for innovative disruption, especially on the front-en. With Axis, we have re-defined and re-architected the search and browse experience from the ground up.” said Shashi Seth, the senior vice president of Search products at Yahoo!

Interestingly enough, Axis utilizes HTML5 and other web standards as it was built using Yahoo! Cocktails, a JavaScript based web development platform.

Have you tried it already? Let us know.

Yahoo! Axis

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  1. Martin Suchan says:

    Looks too complicated for regular folks.

  2. Dillon Kuehner says:

    Some good commentary on how it’s been presented: