Latest Maxthon Build Enables Local File Transfers

By | May 8, 2013 | 3 Comments

Latest Maxthon Build Enables Local File TransfersNow here is something for all the Maxthon users out there. Thanks to the latest update, you are now able to transfer files from one platform to another (assuming they are on the same local network).

Although it currently supports Windows and Android devices only, Mac and iOS will be joining the fun really soon, turning Maxthon into a cross platform file manager.

Sounds intriguing? Give it a try.

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  • NimeshT

    Opera’s Unite (with File Sharing widget) would be better option as it’s over the Internet also, but sadly the unite feature was discontinued

    • Shane Bundy

      Maxthon can send file links over the Internet but not actual files to people. I’m guessing bandwidth restrictions.

  • Shane Bundy

    And this is why we can have nice things.