Firefox 23 For Android To Focus On The UI

By | May 7, 2013

Firefox 23 For Android To Focus On The UIDownload Alpha version right now.

Although under the hood changes are always nice, it’s not as exciting as something that even the average Joe can see and touch. Yes, we are talking about the UI changes here. Thankfully, the upcoming Firefox 23 release for Android will do just that, focus on various user interface improvements that is, from changed icons to new animations when tabs are added or removed as well as other effects.

That’s not all though, the upcoming release will also allow you to show web site URL’s instead of page titles in the address bar and highlight domain names as seen in the picture below.

Firefox 23 For Android To Focus On The UI

So what else is new? As explained by Mozilla’s Lucas Rocha, there will be a bunch of minor changes with more to come in the near future, such as: serif fonts updates, fancier favicons and much more.

Overall, we are super excited to see the final build of Firefox 23 for Android, which, assuming it follows its desktop schedule, should be released in the second week of August.

Firefox 23 Alpha for Android

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  1. IE User says:

    Nice.. That’s good way. UI & Startup speed are important to kill Chrome in Android platform.