June, 2009 – Internet Explorer Loses; Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome Gains

By | June 1, 2009

June, 2009 - Internet Explorer Loses; Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome GainsBy more than just a few requests, we are going to try something new this month, which is StatCounter instead of Net Applications. Let’s begin, shall we?

Internet Explorer continues its saga to the bottom, this time its market share fell by 1.46, from 62.09% to 60.6%

Firefox is likely to pass 30% mark this month. As for June, its market share increased by 0.93, from 28.75% to 29.68%

Opera continues its growth, this time it went up by 0.31, from 3.23% to 3.54%

Safari also managed to increase its market share by 0.03, from 2.65% to 2.68%

With more advertising and more releases, Chrome increased its market share by 0.15, from 2.42% to 2.57%

As per results, IE is the only loser in town, let’s see what twists this month is going to bring.


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Vygantas is a former web designer whose projects are used by companies such as AMD, NVIDIA and departed Westood Studios. Being passionate about software, Vygantas began his journalism career back in 2007 when he founded FavBrowser.com. Having said that, he is also an adrenaline junkie who enjoys good books, fitness activities and Forex trading.

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  1. Emil Ivanov says:

    Isnt the name StatCounter not Stat”S”Counter?

  2. Foo says:

    The ‘per browser version’ stats are more interesting if you’re going to use statscounter.

    Fun fact, IE6 is gaining in North America!

  3. Whoo! Stat Counter!

  4. tomass says:

    thanks for using StatCounter… Finally! is seems to be too US-centric and probably biased by it’s strong ties to MS and Apple (who co-finance it).

  5. Bram says:

    Hi Vygantas, I see you continually use “felt” as the Simple Past form of “to fall”, which is incorrect. “felt” is the Simple Past of “to feel”, which sounds weird in this context :o)
    You mean “fell” like “its market share fell by 1.46”.