Google Chrome Extensions (Add-Ons) Are Here

By | June 1, 2009

Google Chrome Extensions (Add-Ons) Are HereUnderstanding the importance of extensions/add-ons, Google Chrome team did their job and finally released first developer builds, which adds an early alpha feature to support them. Geek Technica reports 4 Chrome extensions:

1. Cleeki: IE8 Accelerators for Google Chrome. “Cleeki can capture keyword(s) anywhere on a screen with as simple as one click, search it on the Internet, and preview the results immediately.”

2. Adsweep: The very first Google Chrome ad blocker.

3. Page Rank for Chrome: If you are into SEO (Search Engine Optimization) business, then this is a great one for you. As the title says, it shows a page rank of your web site.

4. CustomNewTab is a Chrome extension fully compatible with Chrome that allows you to change how it looks, for instance: hide or show specific section of new tab page, display another page inside your new tab page, etc.

How to install/enable Google Chrome extensions?

As Geek Technica writes:

-> To Enable extensions on developers build right click chrome shortcut > properties and on the “target” field add “- -enable-extensions” after “chrome.exe”. There should be a space in between. You will need to restart Chrome.

-> To Install extensions go to the extension developer website and click on the download link and it will prompt you to install extension.

-> To Uninstall extensions, on your chrome browser visit this link: “chrome://extensions/” and it will list all the extensions currently installed and you can choose to uninstall from there.


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  1. Fantastic list…this list would definitely help a makes job of a web master a lot easier…thanks for sharing this