iTunes Store Top 10 Apps (Pic)

By | April 14, 2010

iTunes Store Top 10 Apps (Pic)

Via Haavard blog.


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  1. nobody says:

    saw that myself, installed it myself, it is a good thing

    opera should release iPad version NOW to follow up this succes.

    you can use opera mini on iPad now ( i think, not tried yet, i use it as a bedtime video player now only) but as any iPhone-only app, it looks very bad when resized.

    problems with opera mini on iphone:

    a) first start is VERY long, with no feedback to user – for some it looks as if it is broken
    b) default zoom setting is different than what iphone users are used to, it can be changed, but it should be set right from get go
    c) icon on the dashboard is LOW quality, non-transparent one. it is a minor thing isnt it? but it is the ONLY lo-fi icon out of ALL iphone apps i ever had. iphone users notice these things, someone’ small ommision created a lasting ‘unpolished’ experience for milions. no matter how much i hate apple cockines, they understand ‘small things count’ very well

    i wouldnt say no to opera mini being able to set itself as a default browser (not possible also on android – this is opera’ ommision)

    • Mancho says:

      @nobody I have to agree with you there. It could use a little polish.

      I’m not so sure about the zoom issue, though. Just because it is not the same as what people are used to, it isn’t necessarily wrong. One could argue that it is already such a popular app precisely because people weren’t happy with what they had.

  2. Somebody says:

    [quote]i wouldnt say no to opera mini being able to set itself as a default browser (not possible also on android – this is opera’ ommision)[/quote]

    This is not Opera omission. The Iphone doesn’t let you change your default browser from Safari.

    • nobody says:

      on the iphone – i know.

      but you can do this on the android, and it isnt there. sorry for misformed sentence and confusion

  3. Somebody says:

    I think most of the complaints regarding Opera Mini currently are about the 2 step zoom and the page rendering. The other is regarding the non native look. I think the 3rd is strictly a personal opinion coz many people including me like the look of Opera mini on Iphone. The first one can be fixed with an update.
    It’s good to have a choice coz i was getting very frustrated with Mobile Safari recently. And the tab implementation of Opera Mini is very good. If only we could have Opera Mobile for the Iphone :) .