100 Million Opera Users

By | April 14, 2010

100 Million Opera Users
After tripling it’s downloads more than a month ago, Opera Software has announced, that company has now more than 100 million active users worldwide, using Opera Mini and Opera Desktop web browsers.

“Opera’s record growth shows that we are on the right track, and that as user needs grow, we are growing right along with them,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software.


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  1. nobody says:

    opera NEVER disclosed how is this number obtained, what it realy means and how accurate this data is. anyone barking that opera did – post a link to it. a LINK to detailed definitions and algorithms. opera AVOIDS this question and never says anything other than ‘we can count how many times browser.js was downloaded’. unfortunately – this isnt an answer to this question, but lame attempt to skip it.

    in one word: unreliable

    in two words: unverifiable data

    in many words: data whose origins isnt known, collecting methodology isnt known and does not match at all other data (whose methodology ARE known) is nothing more than bending reality

    opera tripled downloads in poland? ranking.pl – go and find traces of this unprecedenced fact in the statistics (they cover like 80% of polish websites)

    • jarncrig says:

      Well, at least the second part of the subtitle is reliable and verifiable with all other data.

      All other data also report that for many, many months Opera has had at least 2.7% worldwide desktop usage of approximately 2 billion Internet users, which is more than 50 million regular, consistent desktop Opera users.

    • nvm says:

      No one except nobbie cares :)

      Nobbie can’t even tell the difference between a download and a user. LOL.

  2. Sjano says:

    Opera can messure the mobile users that uses opera mini, since they compresses websites on their servers and sends them to the phones.
    Other then that and browser.js i cant see an other way the maybe opera checking for updates, but it’s better then numbers other browsers use, which is number of downloads.

  3. Tiago Sá says:

    Opera Mini user here.

    I think it’s ok for Opera to shout these numbers. Even if they aren’t exactly accurate, it’s way better than the outright lying that comes from Microsoft and, in particular, Apple.

    Still, I’ll stick to well known market share analysis for more accurate numbers…

  4. Dels says:

    number doesn’t matter, the matter is quality :D (quality over quantity, right?).

    if Opera don’t make it right with 10.52 release (and later) they will sure lose competition (again) from Chrome 5, Firefox 4 & Safari 5.

    i’m avid Opera fans since 2001, but really they should do better for next release (less buggy = better quality). the release quality getting worse since 9.5 (it’s great with tons of new features, but hell a lot bugs)

    • nvm says:

      I can’t see any major problems with Opera 10.5 so far. This “if they don’t fix my pet bugs now it will die” thing has been going on for ages. And Opera survives and keeps growing. Strange thing, that.

      I’ll stick with Chrome for my main browsing though.

    • max1c says:

      it doesn’t have anymore bugs than any other browser… And the last time i checked Chrome 5 Firefox 4 and Safari 5 do no exist while O 10.52 have been out there for a while now…

      • nobody says:

        bullcrap unfortunatelly

        opera 10.5x has some VERY nasty and serious bugs, mainly NSL (waiting for cookie domain confirmation) affecting loading pages.

        this is the most basic functionality, that for some fails more often than not. you might claim that it does not exist, but this is a lie, even opera (reluctant to admit to its own failure) confirms it and tries, for 3 consecutive builds, to fix it, still without luck.

        if this isnt a bug, then i dont know what it is.

        there is also a throng of pages that do not work in opera (and opera STILL cannot release their f.. developer tools to help people avoid opera’ bugs. dragonfly is a total crap)

  5. aavv says:

    Opera have 50m long time ago but they want to make promotion for Desktop as it contribute by a half , Opera did not lie but they will not tell you the truth
    good thinking from Oepra

    • nvm says:

      Opera had 50 million Opera Mini users last month or so. And then 50 million desktop users in March. So 50 + more than 50 = “more than 100 million”, as the press release states.

      So they are telling the truth, and the numbers are consistent.

  6. Ichann says:

    number doesn’t matter, the matter is quality :D (quality over quantity, right?).

    if Opera don’t make it right with 10.52 release (and later) they will sure lose competition (again) from Chrome 5, Firefox 4 & Safari 5.

    Sadly, A lot of companies are forgetting this these days. It is like the story here and around the world. We used to get much better quality things (you name it) sadly now everything breaks in a few months or give of toxic coma inducing shit. It is all about, Mass production.

    Like you said. Why are they embarrassing themselves by advertising Opera 10.51.

    This Ballot screen has gone to their heads.

    • nvm says:

      Doesn’t look like 10.5 has hurt Opera. In fact, the reviews I’ve seen look good. Haven’t had any problems when using these versions either.

      Opera won’t be better than Chrome any time soon, but these comments about 10.5 being bad are just garbage.

  7. Somebody says:

    Opera has just announced that Opera Mini has been downloaded more than 1 million times on the first day of availability. According to Apple’s download count, Opera Mini has to date been added to 1,023,380 Apple devices.
    In comparision, the Skype app took 2 days to reach 1 million and Paypal app took 3 weeks to reach that figure. I say that is quite an achievement. I hope Opera release a new version soon to fix the complaints from this version.