Is Your Opera “Crashing” A Lot?

By | October 18, 2007

Opera Crashing ClosingWhen I say “Crashing” I mean that it just closes without any errors or notifications. Do you experience this very often and blame Opera for some kind of “bug” which causes it to crash all the time?

In fact, one of the reasons why Opera just closing could be lack of the free HDD space. If you have only like 50 MB of free space or even less you’ve just found a reason for that.

Solution? It’s time to clean your hard drive.

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Vygantas is a former web designer whose projects are used by companies such as AMD, NVIDIA and departed Westood Studios. Being passionate about software, Vygantas began his journalism career back in 2007 when he founded Having said that, he is also an adrenaline junkie who enjoys good books, fitness activities and Forex trading.

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  1. werwolf says:

    I mean everybody has at least 1GB free space.

    • Adam says:

      I found this forum after mine started crashing too frequently. I’ve now set the compatibility mode to Vista, so far so good…

  2. Vygantas says:

    Well… Actually I’ve had just about 50 MB of free space, so had to burn lots of movies into DVD’s :-)

  3. Joel says:

    I’ll admit that this is my problem… At university at least, where I have a very small space quota. While I can’t live without my Opera, it always crashes too soon because of no space… I wish they just installed it locally like they do other major browsers…

  4. QC says:

    Haven’t seen any crashes, but it has become utterly slow to start.
    From starting up as fast as Firefox and IE, it now takes several seconds before it even appears in the taskbar on Win XP.

  5. Brian says:

    Yes, my Opera is crashing a lot. I love when it crashes while I’m actively using 10 tabs, then I have to restart, and log back into my accounts.

    The autocomplete feature is what’s making just stop using it all together. I finally caved in and *manually* saved an email address for the autocomplete feature. But, apparently, I can only save one! WTF? Back to Firefox.

  6. BK7 says:

    my opera has been crashing like hell, i have a multimedia pc with 3.5GB ram and still crashes a lot. its seriously started to get annoying, sometimes i only have like 2 tabs and happens when im at sites like facebook or hi5 or even sites with embed media.

    • Milan says:

      Since last “upgrade” my Opera crashes any time I try to open a PDF link, just crashes w/o autoreport.
      Opera suggested that I upgrade to newer Adobe Reader, I don’t use a readerm, I use Acrobat. Typical finger pointing from Opera.
      Didn’t crash before, doesn’t crash in IE or Firefox, it is obviously an Opera problem.
      Thinking about going Chrome.

      Bye, bye Opera!

      • mabdul says:

        tried to change the option in the advanced menue which application should used? maybe there is a wrong parameter since the new update…

      • sui says:

        Google Chrome crashes too! lol it made my whole laptop crash just last night, that’s why i was led to this site trying to look for alternative browsers.

  7. Andy says:

    Huh! Man, do I love Opera?
    Answer is Yes … Its damn fast and so far THE BEST browser I have ever used.
    However, something crashing it. This occasionally happens when I hop from one site to the other. Within last 30 mins, it has already crashed over 10 times.
    I have tried to remove the plug-ins, but that didn’t really help.
    Any information what to do to stop this annoying opera crashing problem?

  8. Kiril says:

    It doesnt helps. i have 94GB on my C drive ,117 On the D drive , and 145GB on the E drive that are free and its still crashes

  9. Kiril,

    Are you on Windows 7 maybe? Noticed that it does crash there once per day or so..

    • Just installed Windows 7 Professional after running the RC candidates for a year on my test machine. Now Opera 10.10 build 1893 crashes within seconds of opening. Have reinstalled it 3 times; perhaps I should uninstall it and start fresh. Anyone else found incompatibility with Windows 7 Professional at this point? Can find no reference on Opera site….

      • BigBen says:

        The same happens to me in WinXP. I just love Opera won’t switch to anything else (since 1998). So currently I am using OperaUSB from by desktop folder. This is a temporary solution, it works. Still searching for a real solution. The original was a 10.01 or some thing. Not sure how the crashes started. but the current ver doesn’t help. I need to check the MD5 from the site.
        Help me too!! when you get the solution.
        Peace and Joy

      • Problem has disappeared. Not sure why. FWIW, I installed new drivers a few weeks after posting my note:

        Realtek AC97

        Reinstalled Opera (same version/build).

        No problems since.


  10. joao says:


    my opera 10.10 with windows 7 crash with feels tabs when i try to open menu to past or copy some text ..

  11. Dan says:

    I just noticed it today right after installing Google Talk. I’ve uninstalled, but still crashing. Never crashed until Talk was installed.

    It was specifically crashing when I opened an email within gmail… Every time.. about 3 seconds after opening mail. After uninstalling Talk it crashes less often and more randomly. Just crashed randomly while using facebook and crashed a short time ago while during chat session in Google.

    That’s all I’ve got so far.

    Bummer. Love Opera.

  12. BigBen says:

    My opera waits for zonealarm for permission to go online, when it receives it, Crash! no messages, no reason. Just like women!!

  13. BigBen says:

    Im on Win XP, currently on Opera 9.25 sometimes on operaUSB. Why are there so many different MD5. Been on opera when it was’nt even free. Probably always will. “One man woman”

  14. Somebody says:

    Opera 10.10 hasn’t crashed even once on my system. Not even a single crash. However, it’s very easy to crash 10.5 pre alpha. The second build that they released is a bit more stable than the original pre alpha, but it still crashes atleast 5 times a day. But that is expected from a build that is not even of Alpha quality.

  15. Andy says:

    I have been following comment updates to this post since my last post. I have read so much in the mean time and nothing has worked so far. All I know is that it is not the browsers, it is something wrong with the Operating System and even Microsoft has confirmed that this is a known issue. I need to ask you all about a solution listed here:
    The author has mentioned that he is finding problem with all browsers, not only FF. At the end of the post, he mentioned that the problem resolved by scanning registry with a good registry cleaner. What do you guys think? Has anyone else tried that solution so far? Please give me honest opinion, I need Opera to work because I don’t really like other browsers and I’m nearly tired of using Chrome and other browsers.
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    • sinned says:

      I usually run CCleaner once a month or less and it cleans missing or broken dll in th reg. maybe thats what you need as far as they are saying

  16. edcoffin says:

    Opera 10.10 is crashing regularly, and the online “resolution” comments panel that pops up as a new tab on restarts never has a diagnosis (or solution). It happens most frequently when I minimize the window displaying Opera, with multiple active tabs. It isn’t a serious irritation, what with the option to take up where I left off on restart (which is quick). But, it can be annoying to stop everything until I get my browser back. BTW I cliked through to contact Opera support, and found no options to let me describe the circumstances in which these repetitive crashes occur. Any ideas?

    I’m using Windows XP, keep it updated, check for Opera updates, and nightly clean my hard drive of temp, unused, broken, and obselete files as well as run Spy Sweeper, then nightly runs of AVG antivirus. Plenty of resources available, no apparent reason for the crashes.

  17. Tim says:

    I use Opera 10.10 on my home computer and at work, I have intermittent crashes all the time, doesn’t matter if I am in facebook, or just clicking on a tab to look at my e-mail. I DO NOT have this problem with Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. Up until earlier last year, I NEVER had Opera crash, it was always rock solid.

    I don’t remember the exact update the crashes started, but it was within the last year. I have been a die hard Opera user and fan for 10 years and am really frustrated at all the crashes, and yes I have all my updates and plenty of RAM and plenty of hard drive space and the most up to date java and macromedia and Windows XP updates. And I regularly keep my computer clean and I have reformatted my home computer about 6 months ago.

    Nothing really alleviates the problem, it is so frustrating that it runs like this….

    • edcoffin says:

      Temporary fix – I did manage to report the circumstances for the multiple crashes to Opera techs, via email.

      Without a solution, and preferring Opera, I searched for an older version to use and loaded 9.64 – solid as a rock, fast, no problems.

      The tech reply was to ask if I could log all events and report them with another 10.10 crash. I replied I could, but will have to wait until I have time. I deleted Opera entirely prior to loading 9.64, so it would be quite a bit of extra work to “replicate”.

    • K. says:

      Agree totally. 9.64 was rock-solid, 10.10 crashes regularly, sometimes hangs/brings CPU to 100%. I really regret switching right now- I wanted Opera Link which is cool, but the number of crashes makes me think to go back.

  18. FeanorX says:

    I found that whenever I try open a pdf file link, end the close the tab which contains this pdf, it crashes. I post this bug (or whatever) to Opera Support, but they haven’t returned yet. It’s ridiculous I think, now I never open pdf directly from my browser, instead I download them.

    • Kevin says:

      I have been experiencing the same crashes as Feanorx when closing a pdf file. any help would be appreciated.

    • PeteB says:

      I am experiencing the same problem with the latest version of Opera….it will allow you to open a pdf link but if you then try to go back, the application “hangs” and then crashes. On numerous occasions I have posted the bug to the support team but, to date no resolution has been forthcoming. It is a shame as, in the main, I think the new version is an improvement

  19. FeanorX says:

    And one more think. Probably due to this Opera Unite or link thing, Opera never ends this synchronizing thing, and it doesn’t close properly most of the time. Now I switch back to my humble Firefox

  20. AndiGood says:

    @FeanorX: I agree. pdf crash my Opera as well. Any solution to that? Seems it’s only that way with the 10.x

  21. Luis says:

    I have experienced crashes very often with Opera 10.51. It’s very frustrating, sometimes it crashes even when it isn’t the active app and you can’t tell which of the tabs you had open was the cause.

    • Mike says:

      I have experienced the same crashes very often with Opera 10.51 whenever I view a PDF file. Please help.

  22. Jannik says:

    Well its certainly the slowest when it comes to shutting down a tabbed window and it often freezes the computer . Further more all that “build in shit” most people never uses . Couldnt they make a light version ! I loved this browser until they started the version 10 . Now I swapped to Chrome , its more steady at the moment. Sometimes I think the developper should take a long vacation and keep their hands off the software .

  23. theregkid says:

    Mine crashes on facebook :-/

  24. H says:

    My Opera 10.51 crashes every time I open a pdf link.
    It will usually open OK at first, but always looks like a printout that is running out of ink, then will crash soon after or crash when closing the pdf tab.
    I look at a lot of pdf’s online and this is really frustrating me!!
    i love Opera but this really bugs me!

  25. AntiOperaNow says:

    The latest version of Opera sucks horribly. After a day it went from very fast to moderately slow and I cannot close any pdf file that I’ve opened within the browser without it constantly crashing.

    I saw an article recently that noted how reluctant people are to upgrade their browsers to the latest version, this is exactly why.

    By the way I have 100gb free on my HDD, so that’s not it.

    • Gabrielle says:

      I totally agree with you because I’m experiencing exactly the same. See my post below. This is the worst version of OPera and it’s definitely bad management because all of us who used to like OPera and used it as a default browser will now turn to Firefox or IE. Whoever was the idiot they appointed to revamp Opera is simply a failure.

  26. nzo says:

    I had problems too big crash when I opened my gmail.
    I solved the problem by deleting all cookies.
    Since then, no more problem! Gmail works very well.


  27. Gabrielle says:

    Nonsense – nothing to do with HD space. I used an older version (9) of Opera for the past few years and it NEVER Crashed. The latest version is SHOCKING. It keeps crashing when: I try to download a PDF file, save a file or a web page, cloas a PDF file, download a program, etc. It is the worst version ever and that’s what happens when they wantto make it do too many thing and please too many people. It is idiotic. Any excuses such as HD space are lame.

  28. chris hopkins says:

    They’ve lost me (to Firefox) with this version too. V9 was lovely, 10 is literally useless. Shame.

  29. Somedude says:


    10.1 is loverly
    10.5 and higher are terrible, browser responsiveness is very sluggish, though still streets ahead of Firefox. To even switch tabs in Firefox sometimes takes between 1 and 2 seconds. Opera 10.1 switches tabs instantly, it’s even faster than Chrome.

  30. Mike N. says:

    Heck yea it crashes a lot i freaking hate this browser because back at 9 version it wasn’t so crappy as it is now at 10th v. Why would anyone want to use a web browser that crashes glitches and keeps disconnecting Opera sucks !!!!

  31. kawel says:

    I use Opera at home with Win 7 and AVK antivirus software and at work on win XP with NOD32 (with sucks) In both places I’ve installed the newest version (10.53) At home I’ve no problems with Opera but at work it’s annoying  It  crashes many times especially when I try to open for example PDF or recently step models from I run a virus scan and I’ve deleted few instances of Onlinegames virus (as I mentoned NOD32 don’t bother viruses :) But problem with crashing is still. I’ve fresh instalation of win XP on my laptop and I’m going to check if its a problem with Opera or OS

  32. David Robbins says:

    Opera crashes CONSTANTLY.  I’m running Opera on GNU/Linux.  I use only stable software–no untested stuff, no experimental or pre-release stuff–I usually run at least one major revision behind the rest of the world just because I insist on using the most test, most patched, tried and true software.
    nspluginwrapper, Flash, and various fonts seem to be frequent culprits.  Lately, it’s been getting really bad.  I’m having to use alternatives, such as Seamonkey and Galeon.  It’s frustrating because I’d rather use Opera, but with Opera crashing every few minutes, Opera just isn’t a viable option for me any more.

    • I’m using Opera 10.70 (latest snapshot) on Ubuntu. Problem with flash were gone since I installed 64bit linux version (which unfortunately is not available on official adobe site any more). Besides I’m using snapshot, I experience only few crashes in a week.
      Have you reported your problems, not via auto-crash-log, but rather as official bug-report (maybe they need some additional information). I was experiencing serious problems with multi-window-session since 10.50, they fixed it finally in 10.60 but I must admit that I was very pushy (I’ve sent few reports, attached few debug logs for the same problem in various situations).
      Try to post your problem description on opera forums. Maybe someone already had it, and maybe there are some temporary solutions.
      And check Ruario’s blog (the guy from Opera responsible for Linux relases) there are some solutions, and information how to install 64bit flash.

    • I just realized that you haven’t wrote anything about 64bit. So maybe it’s not the case. Check Ruario’s blog anyway, you might find some solutions there.

  33. Foo Saa says:

    I was a ardent fan of Opera for a long time and used to defend it among my friends. But, sadly, I had to switch over to Chrome and IE8 because I have been getting horrible crashes every 5-10 minutes. It happens randomly, but consistently causing lot of disruptions to my work. I hate firefox because I was so used to the opera short cuts and had tweaked almost all the shortcuts accordingly to my usage!! (Crappy Firefox does not allow that, or for that matter any browser! :( , but Opera does!)
    I have about ~17 to 50 GB of free space across 7 drives and space is not an issue. Even Firefox crashes consistently. Both Opera and Firefox crash when I use the inbuilt search feature (Google) or address bar. (At least that’s my observation). I have been consistently submitting the crash logs for analysis but nothing so far. (I might have submitted atleast 150-200 times before I decided not to!).
    Bad Opera… Bad Firefox… All browser suxk

  34. Shane Bundy says:

    @Foo Saa – Is that it? Opera and Firefox crashes on your machine (not on mine, both work fine) and then you say that web browsers suck? If that’s the case, don’t use the Internet.
    BTW, hate is a strong word. ;-)

  35. wtxgringo says:

    i have 680 gb free space on a new computer & opera still crashes when viewing pdf’s!

  36. JC says:

    Same issues as above. Absolutely cannot download or upload a thing. It’s immensely frustrating. Drifting towards Firefox.

  37. PDF-Crash says:

    I have the same problems with PDFs. I want to save them and *BAM* Opera crashes 7-8 times of 10. That sucks, because I love this browser.
    Can’t remember when this started, but I think it was with v10.x and goes on with v11.0 now :(

    • mabdul says:

      what pdf viewer do you use? maybe try another viewer (on windows I have made really good experience with tracker software: PDF-XChange Viewer )

      that problem doesn’t have to be operas fault. but it can.

  38. someone new says:

    I am about to abandon opera if they do not fix it.
    Every time I close a tab it crashes. I have sent so many bug reports it is ridiculous.

  39. In_Correct says:

    The issue I have is on an old laptop with XP on it. It has 128 MB Ram right now…and all that is open is 6 tabs. They are all simple websites that don’t have any content or bloatware on it. The entire thing crashes…it is the first time that has ever happened to me with Opera. I usually don’t have anything else open. I have set virtual memory to maximum, but there is still 2GB of a 10GB internal hard drive still free space. Perhaps I need to scan my computer for bugs and perhaps I need to defrag. I like Opera because the sessions can be saved, and the tabs are reloaded… I have Flash content blocked out with a giant Play button, I can also block images and other content whenever needed. There are several other advantages that I have not learned with other browsers. I also think that Opera is more secure and more stable than IE. IE crashes a lot more than Opera. With IE, there is that constant “IE can’t open the Internet site. Operation Aborted” message. Opera does not usually consume a lot of memory. I also like IE Trident Shells, such as FlashPeak SlimBrowser, but I am worried about possible issues with the IE layout engine. AND the Opera download manager is excellent!! I don’t know which browsers are comparable to Opera. Also…what is this Dragonfly Developer Tools???? Is it a debugger??

  40. Mitsuki says:

    huh..ever since i turned off the Opera Turbo…it didn’t crash anymore

  41. Absolom42 says:

    OMG! TURNING OFF THE TURBO FIXED IT IMMEDIATELY!!!! I love Opera and have had an awful time over the last week trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I accidentally turned the turbo on exactly around the time it started freaking out on me. I just turned it off after reading that last post and BAM, problem solved. Thanks Mitsuki!

    • Total Egal says:

      No. It still crashes. In the latest version Turbo is deactivated by default. This is the worst browser I have ever seen. FF has started to become a PITA also. The only stable browser on Win7 Pro 64 ist IE 9. Rest: crap.