Internet Explorer 9 to be the Fastest and Safest Web Browser

By | July 22, 2010 | 26 Comments

Internet Explorer 9 to be the Fastest and Safest Web BrowserMicrosoft’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner has made a bold statement, saying that Internet Explorer 9 will not only be the safest and most secure browser, but also, the fastest web browser in the market:

“IE9 is going to be not only the most safest and secure browser in the market, which IE8 is today, it will be the fastest browser in the market. You saw some demos of that on day one. It’s a smoking hot browser product,”

According to earlier published slides, Internet Explorer 9 Beta is set for August release, therefore, it won’t take long to confirm or deny such claim.


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  • Žilvinas

    And I’m Almighty.

  • Andylee

    if they beat Firefox, I will drop Fx (which is my secondary browser at the moment) for IE9 ;)

    • Tiago Sá

      Their stripped down engine doesn’t beat Firefox 4.0b2pre, I don’t see them getting any faster when they get the UI on…
      Also, WTF is a secondary browser? How on earth can someone use two different browsers for normal browsing?

      • Eric

        Face it, if you use any browser other than Internet Explorer.. you WILL meet a website that demands IE.  I use Opera 10.60 as my browser but turn to IE when I have to.

        • Tiago Sá

          Well, I’ve been using Firefox all my internet life and I have NEVER found a site that I needed that couldn’t be seen in Firefox. Now, the same cannot be said for Chrome and Opera, for example, since Firefox is, by far, the most compatible browser around.
          And if you use Internet Explorer, face it, you WILL meet tons of sites that you can’t enjoy fully, because Internet Explorer is either too slow, or, most of the times, doesn’t support web standards.

          • Eric

            If you can get past all the server not found errors FF is probably a decent browser.. for the average person  I guess…

          • Tiago Sá

            Lol, are you one of the guys who installs a bunch of add-ons they don’t need, then they give him problems and they think it’s Firefox?
            Dude! There’s no server not found problem! Firefox is super stable and super bug free!
            Well, for the most part. Much more than any other browser, that’s for sure.

          • Ichann

            There you go again Tiago. Let one go in a while
            Be open to critism for a change

          • Tiago Sá

            That’s just… weird, Ichann. How can I… be open to criticism like “Windows sucks because my ugly betty wallpaper is ugly!” or “ sucks because I can’t write decent proper comments in it and my name is Eric!”?

  • Eric

    Didn’t IE8 Leak on torrent sites a few weeks before the beta?  I wonder if IE9 will leak?
    I am Opera all the way and I hate firefox but I cant wait to see if IE9 will be my secondary browser =)  I have always been a fan of IE, which usually makes me in the minority.. oh well.

  • Dan

    It’s not even April 1st…

  • Daniel Hendrycks

    “which IE8 is today”

  • Cody

    I can’t believe that Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer actually said “the most safest”… This isn’t even correct English !!!

    • Vygantas Lipskas

      Haha, awesome.

  • ON_1

    broken air conditioning  at their office or what?

  • dedude

    LOL the fastest and the safest browser xD I think the IE 9 team is High off that green stuff

  • werwolf

    IE9 will be probably only offline browser, right?
    Theres is no other possibility how to be a bit “secure”

  • Rafael


  • Rudradeep

    now i feel head drunk! :p

  • asfa

    Ok.. umm… not…

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  • browsing

    Well let’s hope this is true and not another release full of upcoming updates.

  • Krisando

    Why bother with IE9 or Firefox, they are both slow, (IE7-8-9, Firefox 4.0) and hideous looking.
    Opera and Chrome smokes Firefox by double in rendering benchmarks, and Opera has the most unique useful features. (Clone/duplicate tab FF stole, quickdial which Safari stole, built in add blocking, voice recognition, extremely customizable UI)..

    • wiso57

      Opera and K-Meleon are the best web browsers on the planet.  Forget IE 6, 7, 8, 9, etc.  I killed IE on my pc.  N o more IE……RIP+++++++IE.

  • GM

    80% of Windows OS are still XP

    What will happen? IE9 9-10% MARKET SHARE.