Critical Safari Vulnerability Discovered

By | July 23, 2010

Critical Safari Vulnerability DiscoveredThere appears to be a major security hole in Safari 4 and 5 web browsers. A simple JavaScript code can scan autofill data and easily steal your contacts names (first and last), work place, city, state and even email addresses.

The good news:

1. It’s not possible to scan numbers; therefore, phone numbers and street addresses will not be obtained.
2. This trick does not work in Windows machines (not confirmed).
3. Vulnerability was reported to Apple more than a month ago.
4. You can prevent this from happening.


Go to Preferences > AutoFill > AutoFill web forms and uncheck “Using info from my Address Book card”.

The bad news:

1. Apple did not respond to such report (Jeremiah Grossman, guy who contacted company has received an auto-reply only).

Here is a video demo


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  1. fff says:

    I am sure Apple will just say something in the lines of: you are using it wrong

  2. Tiago Sรก says:

    Lol, indeed. It’s well known that Apple products are very unsafe and vulnerable, so this should come as no surprise.