Internet Explorer 10 For Windows Phone 8 Updated

By | December 20, 2012

Internet Explorer 10 For Windows Phone 8 UpdatedNothing too exciting.

With releasing the very first update for its WP8 platform (Build 8.0.10211.204), Microsoft has also included a couple of minor new features for the IE10.

First in the list is an ability to delete specific sites from your web browsing history. Lastly, Internet Explorer 10 users can now prevent pictures from downloading automatically, which will surely help them to squeeze more days out of their data plan.

If you are curious to learn about other changes, see the following post.

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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    So I tried Windows 8 for real last tuesday. Man, is it freaking horrible looking and clunky to use with a keyboard and mouse! I’ll definitely be skipping a version again. I want my operating systems at least be bearable. If they want to make Windows actually FEEL good, they need to take steps in a different direction.

    • Been using it since RP and it’s working great here, no idea why people complain, click “Desktop” and you are back to Windows 7, start menu search is awesome, Win+C brings up the charms so hot corners are not needed as well.

    • Good, but this post is about Windows Phone.

    • Happy Win8 User says:

      I have been using it with Keyboard & mouse. I don’t feel the way you are feeling. Learn the keyboard shortcuts. I agree there is bit learning curve there – but this is the future. Learn & Adjust.

      • PC`EliTiST says:

        Why is this the future? Because Microsoft says so? We make the future, not MS trying to force their version of the future.

        Incidentally, if you’re talking about IE10 Desktop, don’t you mind the horrible fonts? MS forced on desktop IE the same font-rendering as on Metro interface, programs and IE. I agree, it’s a quality browser, but beside the horrible fonts, it lacks flexibility.