How Would You Change Opera?

By | February 24, 2011 | 86 Comments

If you would have an opportunity to do whatever you want with Opera web browser, how would you change it?

What features would be added or removed?

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Vygantas is a former web designer whose projects are used by companies such as AMD, NVIDIA and departed Westood Studios. Being passionate about software, Vygantas began his journalism career back in 2007 when he founded Having said that, he is also an adrenaline junkie who enjoys good books, fitness activities and Forex trading.

  • FavBrowser (Vygantas)

    I’ll start:

    1. Make tab stacking/blue dots optional
    2. Add Zoom support for RSS reader news titles.

    • narzędzia pneumatyczne

      What does optional mean? You don’t have to use them, right? Blue dots can be disabled by skin, and tab stacking – well don’t stack them.

      • FavBrowser (Vygantas)

        Tab stacking happens automatically from time to time

        Modifying skin files is not something what should be required :-)

        • Heath

          I have never had a single tab stack automatically for me in Opera.

          I wish you’d show me HOW to make that happen. Right now, its a pain to try to remember to organize them that way.

          • FavBrowser (Vygantas)

            Honestly, I have no idea myself, it just happens from time to time and it’s very annoying.

            Maybe Aleksandras knows, he has a similar issue.

          • Rafael

            Yes it occurs when the option to open tabs on the right of the current is enabled. And you can do it by accident by clicking and dragging a tab on top of another when you want to just move it.

    • max1c

      I have an answer for you. Do NOT install stable over 10 snapshots. Other than that wiping all opera files and doing clean install should fix it.

  • mkorsakov

    * Some kind of mail dispatcher like the one from The Bat! to preview mails on the server and delete them there;
    * Text only zoom for websites (although it kind of works like the FF text only zoom if you activate »fit to width«)

  • drumblius

    First and probably the only thing I would do is enhance address bar search, make it more like FF or Chrome.
    I’m talking about paying more attention to website URL instead of the content while trying to find visited sites.
    Current behavior doesn’t really help.

  • Ronit

    As per my view, I would like to see the following enhancements in existing features :
    1. Revamp the default UI. I use IBIS inspire 3.69 transparent, Z1 glass or Omelion which are miles better than the default UI.
    2. Fix site issues and other bugs.E.g.. the silverlight issue.
    3. Take Unite to next level. I don’t know if its only me, but I use Unite a lot to share my music library and data with my friends.
    4. Improvements in panels. Would love to see panels have gtalk or other IMs by default. I use a panel for gtalk and it comes quite handy. But opera can significantly improve their panel features. Especially if they make it transparent, hide the unused part of the panel and make it glide over the web-page you are viewing. Good for eye-candy too :D
    5. Opera Unite media player with the ability to listen to music from sites like .
    6. A widget for facebook, it would be great if it would be on the lines of fishbowl.
    7. Only one extension button which displays all my extensions, rather than piling them on my address bar :/. I use start bar and it would be a great up !
    8. Having an option to make widgets in-opera or as gadgets(i.e. not displayin an icon in start bar and auto-start with windows. E.g Twiget in panel, click to have quick look at new tweets or double click it to launch it separately with more abilities.
    One recommendation can also be a start bar revamp. It not only saves screen space, but is also very unobtrusive. It would be nice if start bar would be easier to customize like bookmarks bar, then holding the “Shift” button to add a page each time.

    I still have many ideas, :D..will be experimenting with them after my exams are over :)

    • wykoyako

      1. Revamp the default UI.

      That is already done in 10.5 and with more fixing in 11.0. Do not thing Ibis or Z1 or Omelion are suitable default UI.

      2. Fix site issues and other bugs.

      Easy to say. Not easy to do. They always work on bugs and site issues. Your request is already fulfilled.

      • Ronit

        “That is already done in 10.5 and with more fixing in 11.0. Do not thing Ibis or Z1 or Omelion are suitable default UI.”

        - I was giving an example from where features can be taken! not implementing them straight! More so, I feel the default UI still needs work, and I especially like IE 9′s unobtrusive approach,. Chrome, Firefox and IE all are shifting gears, why not Opera.Few icons can be modified and replaced, nevertheless!

        “Easy to say. Not easy to do. They always work on bugs and site issues. Your request is already fulfilled.”

        - Agreed, but if they fix silverlight and Google instant, I will be more than happy :)

        • mr.lutze

          1. I don’t really see anything in Opera’s UI that needs to be changed except maybe too big menu that may scare less experienced users. Everything else is as good/better than Chrome/Firefox UI.
          2. I don’t think they can fix silverlight without Microsoft cooperation since it’s not open source. And as far as I know Google Instant works in Opera but you have to mask as Firefox, because evil Google blocks Opera (unless something changed recently, I’m not sure because I find this feature completely useless). Besides, they do a lot to be more compatible, take a look at latest snapshot info:
          3. Agree with that, but it seems they abandoned Unite :(
          4. Adding some external stuff while you can easily do it by yourself doesn’t make much sense, unless someone will pay them to add their service (like it is with search engines)
          5. See number 3
          6. Users can may their own widgets so it’s rather request for community
          7. They said that extensions buttons will be movable, which is much better solution
          8. I don’t really care

          • Ronit

            1. Opera has low market share and most of its users are tech-savvy! New users are turned off by the default skin, as pointed out by Marc Sigrist in following comments!
            2. Well thats arguable, i suggest you read this, though an old article
            4. Well, i was not born with all web knowledge, It is simple for me now, but I remember googling for an hour on how to customize panels
            !, and at that time 50% of the world used IE8, speaks for itself how much people care about the browser they use, lest say customize it.
            7. and just How, cause i can’t, and I use Start Bar, which really serves me good without taking screen space, and managing it becomes a headache when more extensions decrease its width!

          • IWasFramed

            You are claiming that new users are turned off by the default skin, but where is the evidence to support your assertion? I see no such evidence whatsoever.

            In fact, Opera, Chrome and Firefox 4 look very similar to each other, so if Opera’s skin turns off users, then Chrome and Firefox’s skins turn off users too.

          • Ronit

            1. Opera has low market share and most of its users are tech-savvy! New users are turned off by the default skin, as pointed out by Marc Sigrist in following comments!
            2. Well thats arguable, i suggest you read this, though an old article
            4. Well, i was not born with all web knowledge, It is simple for me now, but I remember googling for an hour on how to customize panels
            !, and at that time 50% of the world used IE8, speaks for itself how much people care about the browser they use, lest say customize it.
            7. and just How, cause i can’t, and I use Start Bar, which really serves me good without taking screen space, and managing it becomes a headache when more extensions decrease its width!

        • Ryan

          Well you can always customize the interface to be minimalistic.

  • anand

    Make opera open source

  • marines

    I’d make it stable.

  • Grrblt

    I would give back the feature that made the tab panning icon appear in the middle of the screen. Highly annoying that it doesn’t do that anymore, it was one of Opera’s best features.

    More stuff synchronized. At the very least, UI setup and keyboard/mouse settings.

    Let the spell checker automatically detect input language. Actually, that might be possible with extensions now that I think about it.

  • neko

    I would just freeze all new features for a while and focus all for bug fixing. Opera is so loaded with bugs that it is miracle that it is still usable.

    • Anonymous

      Opera is no more loaded with bugs than other browsers, so your comment doesn’t quite make sense.

      • FFF

        Normally, number of bugs increases as number of features increases. Not a direct proportion, but it really happens.
        Opera is undoubtedly tje most feature-complete browser, so …

    • Anonymous

      Opera 11 is pretty stable.

  • Ichann

    Pulling an engadget I see. Very clever.

    Pretty much what others have said

    I want dns prefetch

    UI like IE/chrome simple – example squish stuff together. And the extension (who thought we would talk about Opera and extensions) icon system thing aint good.

    Love of god change the menu layout. Too much sh*t and it buried under categories. – going back to previous point; just simplify everything. Dumb it down like you did with the gestures

    Combine extensions, widgets and unite into one service. Do something with unite. Support, support and more support.

    One toolbar – why do I need to type g searchterm to get suggestion if my default provider is google?

    Better bookmarks manager and what not.

    Hardware acceleration pl0x

    MODULE SYSTEM : add and remove mail, chat and whatnot when I do not need it. (Dont tell me it doesnt effect memory or I swear to God I will jump from within the screen while you sleep and rape your dog – I do not condone bestiality btw)

    The Prefereces need a complete re-write. Too much stuff squished into one little dialogue box

    Changes I like

    Native windows 7 save dialougue
    Visual Mouse gestures
    stacking of tabs
    New security thingy

    • Heath

      It doesn’t effect memory.

    • sirnh1

      “MODULE SYSTEM : add and remove mail, chat and whatnot when I do not need it.”

      Why would they need to do that? Don’t use it and it will not get in your way and it will not take up resources. Removing it will not make opera any faster or smaller (on my computer the installed opera is actually 2MB smaller then the installed version of firefox…).

      • Anonymous

        It will be better.

        time to rape both your dogs

      • Nobody

        opera’ OWN tracing tool shows that mail chat etc components DO affect start / stop time even on a clean install. that also means, that they DO affect memory consumption and DO affect performance. if this is a serious effect – it is debatable, but this effect IS PRESENT. opera was kind enough to release some month ago a build with tracing enabled, from that time claiming that they have no effect is just fallacy

        any sw engineer knew that for ages, but ignorance is another matter..

        • IwasFramed

          No, Opera’s own tracking tool does not show that. Why lie again?

  • Aleksandras

    Tab Stacking as an option, or only with modifier key, because accidental tab stacking annoys more often than you really need tab stacking.

    Password, extensions and any other option syncing with Opera Link. However, password syncing after LastPass extension for Opera was released is not so important.

  • web

    -core 1

    -opera link shortcuts,menu, password,toolbars

    -fix the completed request/doesnt load page bug i have been getting lately

    -find a way to fix 勜he bug in tinychat and other sites : cant click on allow when flash ask to access mic and camera

    -public bug tracking? not sure about this

  • Heath

    The number one complaint I hear is that although Opera is customizable, it’s not SIMPLE to customize. And for the most part that’s its biggest issue … its not the most user-intuitive browser when it comes to customization and options. If they fixed that, I think their market share would improve.

    Personally, the big thing I want to see in Opera color profile compatibility. As a designer, the fact that Opera won’t read a color profile I’ve put into my image, and will instead display pictures with the monitor’s profile every time its views, is excessively annoying.

    Secondly, I want to be able to move around the extensions, and more specifically, I want to put them over on the sidebar with the panels.

    Fix transparency so you can actually see things like youtube videos and quicktime plugins properly without them “going” transparent when a transparent skin like Z1 is applied.

    • Ronit

      “”The number one complaint I hear is that although Opera is customizable, it’s not SIMPLE to customize. And for the most part that’s its biggest issue … its not the most user-intuitive browser when it comes to customization and options. If they fixed that, I think their market share would improve.””

      +100000 for that, More than 50% of the world used ie 8 when “much* 100″ better options were available, speaks for itself how interested people are in the browser they use, lest say customize it !!

  • Marc Sigrist

    I consider Opera by far the most productive and useful browser out there. However, two minor points could be improved:
    1) Show result of “Search With” context menu in background tab, so that it does not interrupt current reading.
    2) Modify the (pre-installed) Opera standard skin; the current one is a bit boring/old-fashioned/unattractive. Some users might be turned off by it, not take the time to find a better skin online, and simply use a different browser – thereby missing all the great features Opera has to offer.

    • Ronit

      Agree with your second point, the default UI seriously needs a big revamp! :)

      • IWasFramed

        If Opera’s default UI needs a revamp, then the same goes for Chrome and Firefox 4. You haven’t even pointed out what supposedly needs a revamp and supposedly turns off all these users.

  • Andylee

    The following would be my approach:

    –Establish a policy that every major update has to come with one non-browser-feature (mail, chat, torrent, rss, unite, extensions,…) being considerably improved and at least one other of these has to be slightly improved (improvement != bugfixing).
    –Try to stay in the speed battle with chrome
    –Skin polishing is always a need and will never be finished
    –Exchange IRC-chat with a jabber/XMPP-chat-client.
    –Mail needs to have pgp-support
    –somehow get a mobile browser on the win7 phone. I don’t use it myself and never will but Opera was always present on all mobile platforms and should stay present.
    –focus on the benefits of the combination: opera mobile/mini on the mobile phone and opera desktop on the PC/Mac (Opera Link, consistent behavior…)

  • sirnh1

    Hmmm… I can only think of 1 thing and that is build in ‘tree style tabs’ (like on ). Now that they have tabstacking, they just need to work some more on it.

  • Bbm

    Auto Tab Stacking, for instance if I’m opening pages on the same domain, I want them to automatically stack, that would be awesome :)

  • Risto

    1) Make opera 11.10 support favbrowser comment system
    2) PCKS #11 support so I could finally cross IE off my browsers list – can’t even access my school files without ID card or the, can’t do the taxes, can’t do online banking, can’t auth for anything local basically.

    • Vygantas Lipskas

      Can you please clarify on your first request? Are there some issues with it?

      • Risto
        Tested this on 2 computers running Win7 and Opera 11.10 latest snapshot. This might be the issue with alpha, can’t confirm that though.

        • Vygantas Lipskas

          That’s weird. Do you use ad blocker? If so, try to disable that and F5, let me know if it works.

          • Risto

            That was mostly the issue, thanks. I disabled the “NoAds Fixed” extension and all of the UI showed up, mostly working also. The only bit I still have a problem with is the reply button. it only seems to react on the top border of the button, going any lower (like center of the button, clicking the text) doesn’t work. I could replicate this on both of my computers but they’re mostly the same on the browser side.

  • Lou

    Opera has come a long way since i started using it. I started with Opera 7 and remember how many sites did not work on opera. I think it’s a perfect all in one browser. I wouldn’t take anything away.

  • zn

    Faster then Google Chrome’s javascript engine (Crankshaft)

  • Tux Crazy

    Reduce Opera’s memory footprint.

  • Anonymous

    Memory footprint and tabbed independent process

    • MrG

      Errm, you can’t have both those. The reason WHY Chrome is such a memory hog is because of the per-process tabs, There is tonnes of stuff duplicated in memory.

      Opera is already the best memory managed browser out there, it will use what is available to the best of it’s ability, and hand back when other apps need it. People confuse this behavior with bad memory management. If my machine has 3GB of memory, I want my browser to be as fast as possible by USING that memory rather than it being wasted, likewise if I have a quad core machine, I want all my cores busy rather than just one.

  • kaoswaters

    Trying to use Opera all the time, but every so often keep leaving because the skin appearance is poor compared to just a default FF. Some reasonable skins out there, but I have to say generally poor, and if you are using the browser alot, it needs to be pleasing on the eye. Even extension icons are poor in appearance compared to FF.

    • IWasFramed

      The skin looks almost exactly like Chrome and Firefox 4, so your comment is puzzling to say the least.

      • kaoswaters

        How? You are clearly less aware with your eyes. Maybe this opinion is why Opera doesn’t progress with its number of users :(
        Please note also so many other posts on the same issue.

        • Pooost

          Or maybe you are just clearly deluded. Your eyes need to be fixed.

          • Anonymous

            Again, I do not agree that Opera has that much resemblance to the default chrome look.

            It is more cluttered compared to chrome

      • MrG

        Clearly anyone that thinks Chrome and Firefox look any different to Opera is a cretin, they have all now adopted Opera’s look.

        And if you really want Opera to look like Chrome, you can install the Chrome skin for Opera!

  • Anonymous

    Enhance Operalink even further:

    M2 Contacts
    RSS Feeds
    Wand Data (encrypted)
    Form Autofill

  • Nobody

    1) network/security compatibility: PACKS, NTLM, auto-proxy, auto proxy trought https/http boundaries etc – opera lacks almost everything that is a de facto real world industry standards when it comes to WANs in large corporations. each time major opera version is released i try using it in our corpo network – and each time i ends up uninstalling it minutes later (it is banned from computers in DMZ anyway) – entering the same id/pass for EACH element on intranet site is too much to ask

    2) developer tools worth their name and time spent on them. opera starts its fourth (or third) year of developing dragonfly and it is still piece of shit for kids. meantime google made android fastest growing mobile OS in the world, google chrome surpased 10% and apple made iPad. meantime, opera and dragonfly project leader still are thinkning geeki thoughts about how to pretend to be relevant. failed project managers should be fired!

    3) cookie/history/content managers – opera cookie management SUX. it simply lies, it is full of stupid bugs and inconsistencies, artificial rules regarding 1/3rd party cookies etc. it is completely broken unless you use default settings (ie. do not manage at all). it is so from version 7, and it was made worse in version 10.50

    4) stop breaking things that work and nobody ever asked them to be ‘fixed’ – mouse gestures (WTF?!?), auto image resize (WTF WTF WTF? firefox/ie/chrome/safari do it THE RIGHT way, opera decided to ride on triangular wheels resising ALL images whatsoever, great for 100*50 miniatures.. and they have the courage to ask WHY it should be reverted, while they gve no reason why they break this stuff

    5) stop dumbing down your browser. if you dont want to be used by mindles hipsters (this is already taken by iZombies) just pretend that you believe in mental capabilities of you users – dumbing down adress bar is a step into the chasm. lowering the bar breaks the most important evolution principle

    6) autocomplete requires deep rework. autoupdating from more than one version ago means need for clean install. it was so forever and it will probably stay so as some paid trolls will say that it is roblem on my end. yeah.. problem on my end is that i sold aapl stock with 240% gain instead of 300%.. yeah, thats the only problem on my end.

    7) extensions.. as long as they require dom manipulation to place UI elements, they will suck as it slows down browser even on fastests of rigs. they require their own DOM sub-tree with no reflow needed. prime example – extension that mimics ‘progress bar in the lower-left corner’ – it is done with DOM pos:absolute and it slows havey pages to crawl

    8) plugin rework – opera, it was you who screwed Netscape Plugin API implementation, not microsoft, not google (gears) not any other plugin developer. you made it too strict, you made it too paranoid. world ignored you. just fix it, it was your fault. it is rather telling that apart from flash, that works ~95%, other plugins simply fail yet they work with browsers that werent even there when plugin first arrived

    9) marketing, do more of it. one reddit stunt and few quite clever mobile ads is just that – one stunt and few ads. at the same time, your overhyped crap – unite comes to mind – flops so badly that even you back out. market your strenghts (mobile) to help your sucking end (desktop) stay relevant

    10) make it customisable. some silly buttons that place the same functionality in an ugly way isnt customisation. giving us an option to ‘fix’ tab stacking (a trully neat way of doing it) ie. turning auto stacking ‘on’ on our liking is a customisation. you know, let ME choose from broad set of options. instead you make people choose from ‘in’ or ‘unin’ stalling opera. there are countless examples where simple opera:config entry would be enough to NOT antagonize YET ANOTHER small group of users. your user base is already stagnant, making new enemies each time you delete something that you should have left alone is stupid. yet you do it with passion and with some snidy remarks you make yourself proud out of it. is there a wank contest in opera or what: ‘who will make more users go away?’

    11) release ONE x.00 version that doesnt have at least 5 critical quality issues. every software has them, but somehow there are ‘issues’ and ‘issues’ and the later make opera look really lacking in QA (maybe make certain QA people that like to spend time on their blogs and twitter do some work or something..)

    and last

    12) learn to copy from others, others made a fortune on opera features. it is about time that opera get head out of their asses and see that others also have great ideas. popular in jerk circles ‘opera invented everyryryryrything’ is simply not true.

    absolutely last:

    all other browsers use CTRL-F5 to do hard reload – to bypass cache/cache-controll. opera – as always – knows better and a) does not allow hard reload in any way (excelent for webdevelopers, ask them) b) does completely different thing than all others.


    • IWasFramed

      2) Dragonfly is great now, actually.

      4) Making it easier to discover gestures is a good thing. Small images are not resized by default, so I don’t know what you are talking about.

      9) You don’t seem to know a whole lot about marketing in general, or Opera’s marketing. Claiming that Unite is a flop is like claiming that mobile browsing is a flop, or that widgets flopped. Or tabbed browsing. Or any number of things Opera did way before the rest of the market got it.

      You are also focusing on geeky things, and think “dumbing down the browser” is a bad thing. But “dumbing down” the browser is essential if you want a lot of users. You may have strong opinions, but they aren’t exactly founded in rational afct.

      Your list seems to be a bunch of mostly minor things that wouldn’t make a difference, or things you are simply wrong about. Maybe there’s a reason why you are not in charge of Opera…

      • Nobody

        2) exactly how it is ‘great’? it still is years behind firebug+plugins and ever tried dynaTrace tools? opera cant even get close to that. these are ‘great’ tools, dragonfly is still a toy for amateurs. toy that still requires full reload and has troubles following focus – ie. destroys bug when you want to inspect it

        4) making them easier to discover – yes. why they had to completely rework them dumbing them down in the proces – is another matter

        9) no, i do not know about marketing, but i know when i can see lack of it. opera does not do end-user marketing almost at all. and unite floped, opera removed default apps from opera installer, almost noone use these, there is like one new unite service for last half year. world moved on.

        people are using other browsers no problem, and these are not dumbed down. opera tries to gather more users destroying what old users loved, while really not succeeding in gaining new users. opera user base is stagnant around 50mln for last year (own opera data from quarterly reports)

        and about my job, health and free time, thanks. i manage 550 software engineers, spent last two months doing south africa and south america trips for leisure and really have no to problem with spare time. and how are you?

        why would i like to manage opera? they are doing their mobile business quite well, opera mini is a huge cashcow with enormous potential, they are simply completely out of touch with market when it comes to desktop browser. it is not a relevant product anymore – read some blogs, it is ‘firefox/chrome and ie’ now. opera is hardly even mentioned.

        • IwasFramed

          2) You need to try it instead of bashing it without giving it a try.

          4) You call it “dumbing down,” but you don’t know anything about usability.

          Opera didn’t remove the default Unite apps completely from the installer. The left stubs in Opera that automatically download the default apps when you enable Unite. This helped make the installer smaller. Declaring Unite a failure is like declaring widgets and mobile browsing a failure as well.

          Other browsers are “dumbed down” even more than Opera.

          In last 12 months, Opera grew from 48 million to 53 million.

          You can fantasize about managing engineers, but it’s pretty obvious that you are jobless and bitter.

          • Nobody

            opera financial results presentation shows clearly that opera user base is stagnant. and it already was 53mln by march 2010 (value of the graph is last month in given quarter – opera financial results)

            your ‘job’ obsession – Freud would like to talk with you.. so they are not replying to your resumes? maybe ‘paid opera troll’ isnt something to be proud of?

            and have decency to use one login, it is clear by use of words, that you have many here – and most probably you are certain de-moted QA engineer from opera (same choice of words, same ‘arguments’..) so well, is it cold in norway?

          • IwasFramed

            Why lie? Opera never had 53 million desktop users before.

            Decency? You using that word is laughable, liar.

        • Joooob

          The troll is trolling again, I see. Jobless and bitter. Angry at the world. Very angry at Opera. Can’t handle Opera’s constant rejections of his job applications. Sad, really.

      • Astrophizz

        4) Actually, Opera does improperly upscale some small images. I’ve seen it with some gifs and jpgs.

    • Lawl

      Face it, if nb was running Opera, it would have been bankrupt by now. His complete and utter ignorance of the market is quite amazing. No wonder he’s poor and without a job. Having to leech off of society has turned him into a bitter old man-boy.

      I find it hilarious that he spends all day spewing misguided opinions on Opera instead of getting a job.

    • Sirnh1

      2) You’re not seriously comparing developer tools with a mobile OS, are you? Anyway, Dragonfly is becoming very good.
      3) I don’t get what’s so bad about it. cookie manager works the same in firefox and chrome. And how should a cookie lie? It’s just a cookie?
      4) Not true. Actually Opera does it exactly like IE/firefox/etc…
      5) this might be a big shock to you but opera …(unlike IE and Firefox) gives you a lot of options. 1 of them is to turn it off. Don’t like the new address bar? Then just shut up and turn it off.
      6) Have you actually tried the latest updater? Everything happens automatically and the installing update only takes a up few seconds…
      7) You don’t have to use extensions. Nobody said that they didn’t slow the browser down, but at least they don’t slow the browser down as much as the firefox extensions…
      8) And plugins are written for browsers, not the other way around. Besides gears is dead. Google itself doesn’t support or maintain it anymore.
      9) unite didn’t flop. If there are users using it, it didn’t flop. Opera doesn’t mention unite in their ads, but so what? They can’t list everything they once invented everytime they create add or something…
      10) Opera is already the most customizable browser around, create your own buttons, move any button to any location, extensions, unite, move the tabs to the bottom/left/right of the screen, user css, user js support, opera:config. Opera provides more options to custimize stuff then any other browser does. But it seems that you can’t have all…
      11) If a product is better and more stable then the previous version, they should release it. Every software will always have bugs. There will always be people complaining about serious bugs no matter how many bugs they fixed.

      12) “learn to copy from others,” that’s a joke, I hope? The others do copy almost everything from opera. Even the way it looks.

      The only thing missing is in opera an option to prevent you from writing lies about it on every post about opera. If you hate opera that much, why even bother reading the articles?.

      • Nobody

        2) im comparing time it took others to do insanely more complex things and time opera takes to develop something rather trivial in comparison. before you mention it – it is opera who decides how many engineers and whom to put in charge of it

        3) cookie manager does not respect certain setting combination, leaving user with cookies he expects to be deleted after session. it is so from 10.50.

        5) firefox does not give me options? with xul to do EVERYTHING with the browser and :config list longer than some books? please.. and where is the option to turn off opera tray icon? somethin that noone at opera could explain why it was there for?

        6) latest updater is just as good as any previous one – they only replaced zip engine with 7zip auto-extract. logic behind it is just the same, with cluttering uninstall list and simple unability to reliably update from version older than direct ancestor. opera always had this problem and one would expect that something would have been done with that – problem with (manual) updates from non-direct versions were present in 8 series.. and probably older.

        7) oh there were jerks claiming that extensions do not slow down my browser, and ‘im holding it wrong’.. yeah right.. extensions have a bad UI integration and until then these problem will not go away – you deny that they slow down? this list was to show what possible improvements might there be, wasnt it?

        8) bullcrap. plugins are written according to NPAPI specs. if browser supports it – they will work, if browser is opera and did everything ‘their own way’ – it probably wont. most recent plugins work with safari 2 or 3, or with the earliest versions of firefox. because they stuck to standard. as in ‘industry standard’. opera geeks decided that they know better – probably they were even right in that – but world does not care about whats right, but what works. and opera does not work with most plugins out there. and who will custom taylor them for ONE browser with ONE percent marketshare?

        9) unite is a flop. period. opera keeps their mouth shut about it, opera removes unite apps from installer, users do not create new services. opera unite had like few use cases, and almost all were used in default apps – mostly music/pic/vid sharing. there was potential for developer snippets like hallvors demonstrated, but opera is not used by developers so..

        10) where opera provide option to turn tab stacking on? there are lots of little subtle things that opera DOES NOT provide any option – like my fav opera tray icon

        11) bullshit. opera is a browser that struggles with market share and want to catter to new users, and if these new users first thing they see is a glaring show-stopper bug, will they patiently wait for version x.01? no, they’ll ditch it and probably never come back. fixed release dates tied with press conference when software is clearly not finnished is opera trademark – each major version in last years was exactly the same. you have one shot at glory.

        so you want opera an option to NOT get feedback? nice..

        why you hate me so much why are you bothering responding to my posts?

        • Pneumatig Gdynia

          Ad 5.
          Maybe here: opera:config#UserPrefs|ShowTrayIcon

        • Zerobody

          You didn’t answer question why you post so much lies about Opera when you hate it. Why spend precious time you could have spent getting a job?

          You even lie about removing Unite apps from installer. They didn’t remove, they just added stubs, and are still visible in Panel. Automatically downloaded when started. Unite has lot of use cases, and now Unite is in Opera Core. You might aswell declare widgets and mobile browsers flop because it took years for the rest of the world to understand too. But widgets and mobile browsers make lot of money for Opera now.

          Declaring something a flop shortly after release when it’s a matter of long term investment is trolling.

          No, plugins are not written according to NPAPI specs. Many violate specs.

          You always whine. why? Get a job.

    • Grrblt

      I see you still haven’t been able to comprehend the fact that NTLM is a broken protocol that SHOULD NOT BE USED. May as well send your secrets in plain text – it’s THAT outdated. Even Microsoft doesn’t recommend using NTLM anymore.

    • ObsessiveCompulsive

      Trollbody is trolling again? How surprising!

    • Anonymous

      If by “dumbing down” you mean making it easier to use. Then dumb it down I say.

  • Cristian

    Extensions! Most of them are really bad! “No Ads” for example…

    • IWasFramed

      Isn’t that up to extension authors?

      • Anonymous

        Why cant Opera make a nice extension?

        • mr.lutze

          I think they should focus on making nice browser

    • Mezczyznaptak

      Right. And I wish Opera had less useless forum posts and thread comments.

      • Kobietagniazdo

        What do you mean?

  • Mjb1307

    Siempre lamente la ausencia de la funcion “Seleccionar Todo” en el menu contextual.

  • Anonymous

    I would supply it with a good ad blocker.

  • Duke Phillips

    Return addressbar to 10.10 functionality.

    Ability to once again move tabs in the background without having them active.

  • FFF

    Native autocomplete.
    To not have it really puts away newbie users

  • Piet

    allow pasting screenshots

  • shadowfox87

    Opera is the best browser. Only a few things I would modify:
    1. Work on an alternative to the ActiveX plugin (only thing keeping IE alive really). Yes, I am well aware of the Neptune plug-in, but that plugin still has bugs.
    2. Optimize irc integration. Currently, Opera has an integrated irc, but its user interface is absolutely not friendly. I instead use the original, mIRC client instead. It doesn’t take a genius to modify the interface. Also, the world is shifting more and more from torrents to irc. There are already irc search engines. Even IE has an irc protocol such that it copies certain parameters onto the clipboard so when you open irc, you can just copy-paste and then download your file via dcc transfer.
    3. Last, but not least, ability to modify the pop-up blocker. Right now, I can modify the adblocker, but not the pop-up blocker. Such an elementary thing, yet very annoying. There are certain sites which have been able to bypass all pop-up blockers for all browsers. Just adding a single line into the pop-up blocker would solve all of this.

  • Opera Fanboy

    Couple things I’d like to see (I’m running v11.10):

    1. Right click on a tab, there’s no “Reload Tab” command. Why is this?

    2. When I middle mouse click on a link to open a new tab, if that URL is already open in the browser, the tab with that page loaded slides down the right to be the last tab.

    3. Firefox 4 copied Opera 11′s interface, but it’s a little more compact and takes up less screen real estate. I’d like to see Opera’s a little more slimmed down.

    4. *Maybe* see full HTML support in email compositing.

    Really can’t think of much else… Although Opera’s slightly slower than Chrome/Chromium, it’s certainly faster than IE, Firefox, and Safari. If you look at how many features Opera comes with out-of-the-box, it’s actually quite impressive how they can package all that in a ~7MB download and ~19MB install. By comparison, Chrome v11 is sitting on a 332MB install on my machine.

    As for Opera not working with some sites, I’d say it’s not even mostly Opera’s fault; Opera has typically been standards compliant. I think the majority of problems come from webmasters who built sites for specific browsers, and we all know which one that is. But with HTML5 on the horizon (which Opera was one of the founding 3), and Microsoft having a strong showing with IE9, webmasters won’t be having to worry about designing to work with just one browser much anymore. CMS’ are gaining popularity and they’re cross browser compliant, for the most part.

    As for memory usage, most browsers tend to handle RAM fairly well now, including Opera. I suspect most having trouble don’t have enough RAM on they’re machine. I can attest to this—I have an old machine with 1GB RAM, and about half that is taken up by Windows on boot. I can typically get about 30 tabs with Opera taking up ~400MB, maybe 20 tabs if they’re YouTube videos. If you’re having trouble with Opera and memory, I recommend you try these two things: 1. Go to Preferences>Advanced tab>History. Under “Memory cache” select 4MB. 2. Go to Preferences>Advanced tab>Content. Tick the “Enable plug-ins only on demand” box. This will show a place holder for flash video, so it won’t load until you click it. I found this handy for opening lots of tabs on video sites.

    One last thing—with as many negative complaints I’ve seen about Firefox 4, I predict the browser’s market share will decline in the near future. Now that Chrome (and Opera finally) offers extensions that are comparable (if not the same) to what Firefox offers, Mozilla has a serious problem on their hands. I think they’ll have to dump or rewrite Gecko from the ground-up to compete with the speed the other browsers are now featuring.