CTRL+F in Google Chrome Is Awesome

By | February 24, 2011 | 9 Comments

CTRL+F in Google Chrome Is Awesome

Although I find myself using find function quite often, I haven’t noticed this Google Chrome feature before:

It shows in the scroll bar where the word you’re searching for is located.

Via: Reddit

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  • picimako

    This is a great feature but actually this feature is part of Maxthon 3 for a long time.

    • Sarjoor

      This really great feature has been part of Chrome search from the beginning.

      Maxthon 3 has it because it is a copy of Chrome code.

  • http://elegantblogs.com Pothi

    Using it for a long time. Eagerly waiting for case-sensitive search in Chrome.

  • http://www.DrinksAreOnMe.net Dale Cruse

    I *think* Camino on the Mac does the same thing.

  • http://martin.suchan.id.email.cz/ Martin Suchan

    Actually in Opera you just need to press ‘.’ – dot and start typing, It’s much faster than search for Ctrl+F :)

  • Ghjuhfvth

    this feature are available from firsts Chrome builds ~ 0.2 version

  • Quest

    This feature are available from IE1.0. Anyway it’s still lame. You must push the ctrl+g anyway if you want found da thing u want (or if you are on basic level roflcopter).

  • Guest

    I’m removing you from my feed reader thanks to this post. A single sentence about a feature that has been around for years? That falls way below my minimum standard for feeds. This trash isn’t worth the 10 seconds of my time it takes to skim.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fernando823 Fernando López Fernández

    Come on! Opera has this since so long…