Google’s VP9 Vs. H.264

By | May 15, 2013

Google’s VP9 Vs. H.264

Shows an amazing difference in bandwidth and file size.

As the I/O event continues, Google has just compared its VP9 video compression standard to H.264 and as you can see in the slide above, VP9 offered a decrease in size of 63% when compared to H.264, at least in one particular video.

Not only that but Google has revealed that YouTube will be supporting VP9 later this year, so you can enjoy faster video load times and access content faster. We’ll be sure to tell you more about the technology as the search giant reveals the details.

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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    H264 is long dead and gone, it’s not even funny. Much like JPG tbh… It’s a shame it stills sees so much use.

    • apád anyád says:

      Well, it is still the best widespread video codec around.

    • Przemysław Lib says:

      H265 was just released as standard couple of months ago. We are years from good hardware decoders/encoders, and good software decoders/encoders. Not to mention support in content creation tool chains.

      Comparing to H264 do make sense. It show that H264 can be phased out as there is something much better. But for deciding which to choose instead, H265 should also be compared.

      And not only on one frame.

  2. Prevacator says:

    Too bad for Google, VP9 won’t be competing against h.264. It’ll be competing against HVEC h.265.