Google: There Are Now 750 Million Chrome Users

By | May 15, 2013

Google: There Are Now 750 Million Chrome Users

In today’s Google’s I/O event, the search giant has revealed that their user base has increased to over 750 million users, up from 450 million since last year.

The keynote itself is not yet over, head over to the following page for a live stream URL.

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  1. Dhul Karnain says:

    750M users and yet they are unable to fix the font rendering bug which has plagued Chrome on Windows since last summer. But hooray!

    • Przemysław Lib says:

      Are you sure its bug?

      You know MS have 2 (3?) different rendering techniques in use for Windows 7/8 which give different results. And there is also compatibility with Chrome for Android, OSX, Linux, etc.

      (And yes even MS can’t decide which one to use, and different parts of Win use different font rendering techniques :D )

      So be more specific, about what and when do you consider buggy.

      • Dhul Karnain says:

        Ticket opened in July 2012 and its not the only one of that kind.

        In late April, one of the Chromium developers posted the following:

        “An update for everyone that’s watching this one:

        Our Windows font rendering is actively being worked on. Basic support for DirectWrite is now in Skia (to update from comment #13). At the same time, GDI was very deeply embedded in the Windows WebKit port and is still being rooted out. We hope to have something within a milestone or two that developers can start playing with. How fast it goes to stable is, as always, all about how fast we can root out and burn down any regressions.

        We’ll update the thread here when it’s available behind a runtime flag for y’all to try out.”

        So at least it’s being worked on, but from his statements it seems to be in extremely early stages of development, so this problem will go on for at least several more months.

        So in total it will be at least a year before they make the font rendering readable again like it was before Chrome v20 shipped.

        • Przemysław Lib says:

          Frome relplay to bug ticket:

          ITS NOT A BUG.

          Its a FEATURE of Windows Operating System.

          Complain to Microsoft for making 2 different API’s with 2 different font rendering techniques. ;)

          You should be seeing this problem in native Windows parts too, since some are written with one API, and others with second.

          Irritable mess, yes. Bug on Chromium part? No.

  2. Lord Cookie Monster says:

    The revenue from browser still zero.

  3. hehe says:

    Is chrome even have an offline installer, I do not like online installers at all.

    I would have liked the google chrome if it didn’t came up with most installers I download.

    If people know about chrome alternative like srware iron or comodo dragon people will use them more.

    I like chromium more though, light weight and get the job done, no unnessary code and and spyware stuff.