Google Tracks Safari Users Through A Loophole

By | February 17, 2012

Google Tracks Safari Users Through A LoopholeIf you are a sort of person who is very sensitive about privacy, then Safari is not exactly the perfect browser to use, at least was.

While Safari prevents the third party cookies to be stored on devices or computers, a recently discovered loophole, which Google did use, allowed the search giant to store cookies for up to 24 hours.

How did it work? Turns out, if user was signed in to Google+ social network and agreed to see +1 on ads (a feature, which allows people to indicate that they liked the ad), Safari would store the cookie, enabling easy tracking for the search giant.

Both Apple and Google has responded to report:

Google’s Rachel Whetstone explained “We didn’t anticipate that this would happen, and we have now started removing these advertising cookies from Safari browsers. It’s important to stress that, just as on other browsers, these advertising cookies do not collect personal information.”

Meanwhile, Apple issued the following statement “We are aware that some third parties are circumventing Safari’s privacy features and we are working to put a stop to it.”

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  1. Shane Bundy says:

    I believe Microsoft had something to say about that as well, although it still surprises me that MS are siding with Apple. :S

    It somewhat reminds me of that “Gmail Man” ad MS did.

  2. Saex Conroy says:

    Who, the hell, cares? Everything is being tracked. No matter what browser you use, no matter what kind of extensions and script blockers you have installed. Everyone is being tracked, and you, who is currently reading this, you are no exception. Get used to it. If you don’t like being tracked, remove your internet cable. It’s THAT simple.

    • Agent J says:

       Or you can stop using Chrome. Don’t project. Not everyone is as mindless as you.

      • Saex Conroy says:

        You cretin, I use Firefox, I dont like Chrome or any Google products, but I use some like YouTube and Search.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lets see. Your ISP tracks you. They claim they do not but can you really believe them? Hmmm. Tracking cookies probably track you too right?

        Free Proxies. No protection there. VPN well maybe if you pay some mulah. Then again is it really a end-to-end encryption scheme? I mean wouldn’t they ISP know you were tunnelling through VPN?

        You got this new Geo location API that can pinpoint you from a hair away. Do you think websites would not use that? Sure you might have to allow it but what happens if there is a loophole somewhere?

        Even without that you got your IP. That is nice.

        Use your TOR but its a free service. If they wanted they can track you.

        So my suggestion to you is to use a newly developed smoke sign language only you and a handfull of people would now. Yet it is the information age, how long till that becomes insecure?

    • This is stupid, at best, typical of google fans. Im currently blocking all trackers, google included, with ghostery.

      BTW I would never install that BS browser on any PC/Laptop of mine.

      • Saex Conroy says:

         Read my response to your fellow idiot, I won’t repeat myself.

      • Mikah says:

        I believe he is a Firefox fanboy , typical of the breed knows nothing & shouts the loudest.

        • Saex Conroy says:

           You are an idiot for making such easy definitions of everyone. I don’t care about browsers, I use what it’s useful to me, if tomorrow something happens and Firefox stops existing, I will just install another browser.

          Guess the joke is on you, fool.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh. Someone gets it.