Google To Pay Nearly $1 Billion To Mozilla

By | December 23, 2011 | 10 Comments

Google To Pay Nearly $1 Billion To MozillaYesterday, we have reported about a search deal between Mozilla and the search giant, where Google would remain Firefox’s default search engine for another 3 years.

Although more details were not revealed that day, one of the unnamed sources now claims that Google will pay Mozilla almost $300 million for every year or nearly $1 billion in total.

This is a significant increase, considering that Google was responsible for a 84 percent of Mozilla’s revenue in 2010, which was $123 million.

Why so much? Apparently, Microsoft and Yahoo were also interested in search deal, resulting in a bid war, which Google has won.

[Via: AllThingsD]

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  • Netstar

    Hooray Mozilla!

  • Tiago Sá

    “oh, but google doesn’t want to keep paying firefox, they will dump mozilla, firefox is in big trouble now that google doesn’t want to pay mozilla anymore”

    I heard “they” say.

    I WAS like wtf. And NOW I’m like “told you so you dumb pigs”.

  • David Naylor

    If this is true, it is pretty insane. What is Mozilla going to do with all that cash?

    • Xukusari

      Porn. Terrabytes and terrabytes of porn. After all that is what the internet is for.

    • Sarjoor

      Hire more/enough developers so that can actually develop fast enough to keep pace with Chrome and IE before they lose more in the browser race.

      • OperaBoy

        Ironic that Google finances it’s major competition in the browser wars.

  • Mikah

    Pretty sweet deal for Mozilla especially considering the vast majority of users prefer having Google as the default search anyway,

  • Anonymous


  • IE & Opera Fanboy

    Might be after 3 years Mozilla (Firefox) ‘s market share might be like Opera today. Chrome is just leaping in market share like anything and also I like their auto-update mechanism which will keep all the users into same version and that would make Google easier for security fixes. 
    But I would like to see Opera to have atleast 20% of market share :) and latest version of IE as the highest market share. The current tough competition would bring more innovation in the browser world – I’m all for it.
    Hopefully we will have better & rock solid browsers in 2012.

  • Кostadin

     I would recommend reading this post: Researchers Say Google Wants To Undermine Firefox’s Growth. Right now Google is subject to government scrutiny for its policies. They wouldn’t want to attract attention