Google Renews Search Deal With Mozilla

By | December 21, 2011

Google Renews Search Deal With MozillaJust as expected.

Despite continuous drama between Google Chrome and Firefox, business is as usual at Silicon Valley.

After negotiations that were reported more than few months ago, it looks like both companies have finally come to an agreement, as Google and Mozilla have renewed their search deal for another 3 years.

What does that mean?

It means that Google will continue to be the default search engine of Firefox for years to come.

As usual, additional details were not revealed but hey, a deal is a deal right?

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  1. Jfgdfgdf says:

    this means .. what?

  2. IE & Opera Fanboy says:

    Why this additional details are not revealed ? Seems like GPL needs to be updated to reveal those too :)

  3. Mikah says:

    Wonder if   “AdBlock To Allow Non-Intrusive Ads By Default”
    is connected to the deal , have Mozilla been conducting a bidding war between Microsoft’s Bing & Google ?