Google Custom Search – Opera Issues?

By | May 29, 2008

OperaAccording to Tamar Weinberg from Search Engine Roundtable:

“After much frustration with Google’s Custom Search Engine, it seems that Google’s CSE doesn’t actually support the Opera web browser. Apparently, when Opera users try to set up the Google custom search engine, they fill in all forms, hit save, but nothing happens.”

Therefore, AdSensePro at Google Groups replied:

Our engineers have investigated, and inform me that this is an issue with Opera. We do not support this browser, and recommend you use IE or Firefox 2.

I am bit surprised regarding “support”. Thought something will definatelly change after their last deal.

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  1. Well, it could just be Opera having weird coding somewhere, and not being up to speed. After all, Opera 9.5 seems like a disappointment compared with Firefox 3 (in terms of change)

  2. Morbus says:

    That’s Opera’s issue alright. In Firefox you can use ANY search engine or search form ANYWHERE. It doesn’t matter if the site supports it or not, Fx is just build that way.

    Unless I’m mistaken and this is not really the issue…

  3. deuseggs says:

    Bernardo, comparing a minor release (9.5) with a major release (3.0) is hardly fair.

    Morbus, Opera works with searches in general – it even allows you to create your own toolbar searches from any fields on any page. In this case, the issue is with the coding of a particular site page, not the searching.

  4. hb says:

    The issue is that Google are coding for Firefox and Internet Explorer. If it was a question of “weird coding” or features in the browser it would fail in Internet Explorer first, every time.

  5. skoy21 says:

    The problem is that all web developers fix display isues of IE with other mistakes in code, so that IE displays a page properly… The same thing is with firefox. If anyone tries to write his code, you will see that if you write correct code, Opera will display it as you wont, in opose to Ie and Firefox where you have to do a lot of alchemies… And with alchemies Opera will display exactely what you write…alchemies…