Google Chrome To Receive Multiple Profiles Feature

By | July 12, 2011 | 10 Comments

Google Chrome To Receive Multiple Profiles FeatureGood news, the future Google Chrome release will receive a feature that some people wanted for ages: multi-profiles.

According to the Revision 91573 post at (which was spotted by one of our readers, Shane Bundy), when creating a new profile, not only will the user be able to name it (obviously) but also assign a different icon for every single one of them.

If you are curious enough to try this feature now, it already available in the latest version of Chromium.

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  • IE & Opera FanBoy

    I really don’t have need for this, can someone tell me the real consumer usage of this ? There might be some usage for this which I’m yet to see the requirement.

    • Shane Bundy

      Probably just in preparation for Chrome OS.
      Guess this is the first thing I’ve found which is quite useless IRL (in the browser space, unless you like that sort of thing).

      • IE & Opera FanBoy

        I think, you are correct. This makes sense for Chrome OS.

      • Armin

        In preparation for Chrome OS? It’s already out. I don’t understand!

        • Shane Bundy

          Google still maintains its own OS (thank goodness) and for as long as they continue that they will continue to improve it. They could add this for ChromeOS v2 (or whatever).

    • Rafael

      Multiple users in the same operating system account. That’s the usage.

  • goo le

    only hope this browser can add more functions in next version.such as mouse gestures ,speed dial and i can custom the installation file path .some browsers i used like avant browser ,ie ,maxthon,they can do it .

    • Rudi Visser

      So you basically want Chrome to be Opera?

  • Shane Bundy

    Chrome is a minimalistic browser and it’s quite big (over 100MB), yet noobs love it for being just a fast browser. I don’t think Google will add these basic functions just because they think a code-bloated (although not really bloated) browser doesn’t need them and the fact those noobs are probably stupid.
    Not all Chrome users are stupid but some are. I’ve noticed a lot of them at school who don’t even know the difference between Chrome and IE.

  • LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

    Is there a way of getting shut of hose Godawful profile icons next to the tabs bar as in capture?