Google Chrome: So That’s the Real Reason Behind the Fast Version Number Progression

By | November 12, 2010

Google Chrome: So Thats the Real Reason Behind the Fast Version Number Progression

Via Reddit and Chromium.

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  1. Xerxes says:

    Chrome is a crapware which has nothing except a good company name behind and is super fast only in version number increment, so idiots think it is developing… what a shame…
    Google disables some of its services on other browsers to force users use chrome…

  2. Emil says:

    This playing with numbers is so lame… They could do updates like 4.0, 4.1, 4.2… but no they want to look “new” and get in the news with the new “major” release. Soon nobody will take serious the Chrome version numbers. Even Windows 7 is with version 6.1 and not 7!

  3. Rafael says:

    Actually they say it’s because it’s better for the user identify which version is running so when an error is identified it’s easily tracked by one number (7, or 8, or 9, instead of 7.014, 7.654, 8.051 etc).
    But who knows what’s the REAL reason…

  4. filip007 says:

    So that means that X is coming (10).

  5. Xeno says:

    The Real Version of Google Chrome is 6.4 because there was no other noticeable changes in-till 6.0 came because the light blue theme went to silver and the reason for the 4 is because they changed settings improved settings and added features like their own pdf viewer.

  6. nvm says:

    Please… He didn’t even bump the version number, just the patch number:

  7. filip007 says:

    That’s for 8.0.552.200 (65749) as beta bump release, i got on linux 9.0.580 (65893) and is pretty much stable, can’t get any better than this i guess.

  8. Ichann says:

    You know I find it kind of funny how people can bash other browsers with great contemtp yet when it comes to Opera we are literally “forbidden” from even constructively critisizing the thing.

    You people are exactly like the folks at engadget whom suck Apples big E-penis and sleep with Steve every other day of the week.

    Screw you all


    • Rafael says:

      I never had to criticize Opera for any action they’ve taken because they never did something stupid like Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple and others do all the time.

    • daddylo says:

      Agreed about Apple …..does it support usb 3.0 ? …. only good thing about apple is they have good softwares I think .. hardwares are not that good compared with Windows.

  9. filip007 says:

    The world sucks, when will realize that at Opera, than you will gain more market share and be better.