Download Firefox 4 Beta 7

By | November 11, 2010

Download Firefox 4 Beta 7Here comes the seventh beta release of Firefox 4 web browser.

Last month, Mozilla has announced its plans to delay Firefox 4 Final release and push it back to the next year that is 2011.

Well, today they have reached a yet another milestone as company has announced the availability of Firefox 4 Beta 7.

Now here is the best part: it fixes a total of 2439 bugs (imagine that!) and includes J├ĄgerMonkey just-in-time JavaScript compiler.


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  1. lutze says:

    “Now here is the best part: it fixes a total of 2439 bugs! Imagine that.”
    WOW! I can’t decide if this is good thing or bad, but still, wow!

    • Geek says:

      Beta 7? Its the same madness of Chrome way of version.. First betas should be alphas except then even in Beta 7 they add such crucial updates like new JIT compiler. And at last stable extensions API. Beta my ass, its not OS that you could prolong beta stage till 6 months (or maybe even more). Chrome is faster not even in speed and responsiveness but also in development pace.
      My personal experience – i dont know what im doing wrong but with each FF beta update FF starts more slowly and eats more RAM. Maybe i should try a clean install with Beta 8..

  2. jarncrig says:

    No, the best part is that Beta 7 will be the first beta that includes the long-hyped new Javascript engine JaegerMonkey. Now we get to really try it in a Firefox browser and see just how fast it is.

  3. jarncrig says:

    And the second best part of Beta 7 is hardware accelerated graphics for Windows or OSX because Beta 7 has WebGL enabled by default.

  4. xsller xtreme says:

    Its a good thing !!!!
    This means How much work is being put in.
    Nothing is perfect but they are trying hard like opera
    Some might argue that chrome does not have so many bugs but they are not evolving as rapidly. Having a short release ycle & adding a couple of features & fixes & having a release version number made for fun
    doesnot mean they are good.
    Firefox is the best

  5. nobody says:

    it is faster, visibly faster, and unlike opera its memory usage and responsiveness is stable (ie.: closing opera after 2 days takes HOURS to do, not with ff). but ffb7 still eats lots of ram

    almost all popular extensions are already compatible with this version, had only one that refused to run (but it will autoupdate itself soon)


    refresh/stop button moved to the address bar :/ wtf?!? with ‘app tabs’ – that i use a lot moving the mouse to some obscure distant location sux

    new in-address bar status bar is.. strange, and because it is shorter it is mostly consisted of “….’ fragments. fail and step backwards!

    old status bar is still present (because of extensions) but it looks ugly now and i start to think that opera did this part best with their on-demand status bar in TYPICAL, easy to navigate place

    other than that, 2500+ bugs does not shock me, what shocks me is that apart from visual issues in 4 monitor setups previous beta was mostly flawless. these must have been some really small bugs (and you can again watch flash video in ff while stretching the window over two monitors connected to different video cards

    • nvm says:

      Firefox is dying. Face it, and move to Chrome like everyone else.

      • wesley says:

        chrome is the new ie..
        google the new microsoft..
        Fox will beat them up again !!

      • nobody says:

        wow, youve earned another .15$ for this post..

        i’m sure you are not doing that ‘word of mouth marketing’ properly

        • wesley says:

          well atleast that money will go in opensource software which in return will help everyone..
          including you & google(chromium is open souce :) )

    • Rafael says:

      Stop reading in “closing opera after 2 days” o.O

    • mikah says:

      “it is faster, visibly faster, and unlike opera its memory usage and responsiveness is stable (ie.: closing opera after 2 days takes HOURS to do, not with ff). but ffb7 still eats lots of ram”
      Never have a problem shutting Opera down myself as I always turn my PC off at night to save money.
      You could try Windows Task Manager, if you right click the Windows task bar you will see a list of options, click on Start Task Manager & under the Applications
      tab you can select a program & then click on the End Task button.

      • nobody says:

        that will kill the process, opera has some strange bug that makes it close PROPERLY after hours. it was tested by MANY users after theyve released their profiling build. check it yourself on desktopteam

        opera close time is linear with its running time, with about 1:20 1:30 ratio.

        • mikah says:

          I was being sarcastic of course it will kill the process thats the point.
          Only an idiot will sit there twiddling his thumbs for hours waiting for a program to close

          • nobody says:

            youve just called 50milions opera users idiots, because it is just what they do – wait (unwillingly and unknowingly) for ages for their program to close, while it slows down the system, eats memory and is doing some strange magic to close itself

            this is sloppy coding on opera side, so called ‘crap’, and denying it and being snide doesnt make it go away

          • Dante says:

            Yes. I prefer Firefox intelligent system of spontaneously crash after few hours on Ajax pages. User don`t need it close manually because cycle collector reaches top of available RAM and stop browser accidentally.
            Tested on stable Firefox 3.x and new beta versions of Firefox 4 (beta 4 crash here every minute).

          • nobody says:

            i suggest running memtest to check your memory modules for defects (it is not a snide ‘help’ but real solution to this kind of crashing – firefox isnt flawless, but this kind of random crashing ISNT normal)

          • Dante says:

            This is known problem of Firefox not memory modules (tested on my home/firm PCs and notebooks and I find this problem on support.mozilla internet discussions).
            And Ajax pages on the background tabs slowdown work with active tab. Response of UI is slow and sometime you don`t know if you press button or not.

          • nobody says:

            examples, please.

            what page in background tab slows what page in active tab.

            i used to have sharepoint in background tab and it is possibly THE heaviest and worst ‘ajax’ page available to humanity, and yet no problems

            id also like to read these mentions in knowledge base/mozilla forums, please

          • Dante says:

            Active GMail or Facebook on the background tab cause problems of scrolling or manipulating with browser UI. Sometime when cycle collector prevent memory leak (clear out RAM) browser freeze and take 100% of CPU (like in Peacekeeper test).
            Same problems Firefox 3.6.x with memory leaks and with Ajax pages:

        • mikah says:

          I definitely insulted YOU for having Opera running for 2 days nonstop (haven’t you heard of Global warming), & then closing Opera & twiddling YOUR thumbs for hours waiting for it to close.

          • nobody says:

            and yet you still dont get it, do you?

            sloppy coding is sloppy coding, you puny insults change little

          • max1c says:

            @nobody I agree. When you use bunch of add-ons browser slows down dramatically. Add-ons implementation is so poor that allows random users add malware to add-ons and distribute it through official add-on web page. Generally slow and sluggish compared to competition.
            Sloppy coding is sloppy coding.

          • nobody says:

            so you are saying ‘others are sloppy coders. too!’ instead of admiting that your belowed browser has flaws?

            btw. users are NOT forced to use extensions in any browsers, and as such experience these (obviously overblown) issues on the opt-in basis.

          • max1c says:

            “btw. users are NOT forced to use extensions in any browsers, and as such experience these (obviously overblown) issues on the opt-in basis.”
            Haha. Sure you can make up all excuses you want to defend something. You are obviously too blinded by your own opinions that you can’t even see what others say. All I was trying to say is that there is nothing perfect, and there is no need to say that some one is doing a bad job. Clearly every browser has its own flaws.

          • nobody says:

            so you try and try to dilute the problem that you still refuse to admit that exists

            opera has a resource leak that makes it close itself longer than it should. MUCH MUCH longer. the longer it runs, the longer it closes.

          • mikah says:

            Jeez nobody don’t get your knickers in a twist Opera 11 is an Alpha problems are expected thats why they make them available so users can uncover bugs..
            don’t you know anything !

  6. daddylo says:

    Is just-in-time JavaScript compiler and JavaScript engine same thing or different ?

  7. jamie says:

    Why is it taking so long to release Firefox 4 seven Betas seem excessive , its a much simpler browser than Opera even basic things like smooth scrolling need an add on.

    • mikah says:

      nice to see Opera still leading

    • Jamie says:

      Great to see the Fox beating Google its about time Firefox reversed the decline in numbers its all been going Googles way for ages.
      set the chart to show add-ons in use & to the longest period.
      11 months ago Firefox users had 222 million add ons in use & today its down to
      171 million thats only just over 2 add ons on average for Firefox users

      • Xeel says:

        Thats because most of the features those addons provided are build in ff

        eg- sync,bartab,tabs on top, hide menu, hide statusbar,mini menu are a few

        • jamie says:

          Good point but i hate Firefoxs implantation of Tabs on top, why have the title bar taking up valuable screen space.
          Chrome & Opera do it far better Tabs on top mean just that so they can take advantage of Fits law

          Browsers that adhere to Fits Law make a huge difference if you are using a netbook or laptop.

          • Xeel says:

            yes thats a problem but not to worry they will be solve it
            i know the pain of small screen in net-tops
            hopefully they will solve it
            else you can use hidemenubar ;)
            but firefox is the best & its truly the best !!!

          • Xeel says:

            & addons created & downloaded is in a steady rise which shows its extensibility & Usefullness & how much users love it
            Firefox is Truly the BEST !!!!!

          • jamie says:

            Should be easy enough to implement Chrome style tabs,
            of course all the Firefox haters will bleat about Firefox copying other browsers, but all browsers copy ideas from each other.

            The hidemenubar addon merely toggles the menu bar with the Alt key.
            Firefox 4 does that as default anyway.
            I did a search for titlebar & found
            Hide Caption Titlebar Plus (Smart) 2.1.0 very good love it.
            Know of any addons to make the address bar narrow ?