Google Chrome: Now With Ads!

By | November 25, 2011

Google Chrome: Now With Ads!

In the world where most people block ads and want to get everything for free, Google has decided to try a different approach: in-browser advertising.

Technology blog Ghacks has found an interesting screenshot in the Google’s Plus group, which shows and ad in the Google Chrome web browser, which says: “Get a Chromebook for the holidays: the computer powered by Chrome.“

How did users respond? Opinions appear to be mixed; some people suggest switching to Firefox while others don’t see anything wrong with that, after all, Google Chrome is free.

Whether or not this trend continues, it remains to be seen although we don’t expect for Google to continue running such promotions more than few times a year.

What do you think about in browser advertising?

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  1. jrk says:

    Opera did it first!

    • Grrblt says:

      They also stopped doing it in 2005.

    • Katimwilk says:

      The difference is that Google is already a multi-billion dollar corporation that specializes in gathering data about you to provide targeted advertising. Opera has never had much money and specializes in creating multi-platform browsers.

      Without ads back in the day, Opera development may not have been as fast, or at all. But Google would still do just fine without inserting ads into Chrome. There is a difference between being ad-supported and just showing ads because you can.

    • Anonymous says:

      Opera was and is still too small company. That was acceptable.
      Not acceptable with Google though – it’s a huge company generating lots of money from advertising on the Web – wasn’t to enough to “spam” the web with useless ads that now even the browser needs to be “spammed”. 

  2. Whyamiusingthis says:

    Isn’t Google the most ethical company on earth?

    • Tiago Sá says:

      Hum… They do spy on their users… I doesn’t seem to bother their users… so, yeah, they may be the most ethical company on earth. It certainly doesn’t bother me enough to stop using Gmail, which is, by and large, the best email service around, or google search, also the best. I do choose not to use google-analytics :P

      And Chrome of course. That one’s for simple people.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who doesn’t?

        At least I am not tracked from point A to B like what Apple had done.

        Oh wait. Turns out Android and Microsoft also track their users.

        Better get a “dumb” phone for the holidays then.

  3. Ligmfdgmdflk says:

    that just means its getting better

  4. Mikah says:

    Sale figures for the Chromebook must be lousy.

  5. Pothi Kalimuthu says:

    I’m little surprised that they waited so long to show ads. No issues here!

  6. Shane Gowland says:

    People are complaining because an advertising company is showing ads..? Isn’t that obvious?

  7. Shane Bundy says:

    By no means do I want to troll, but this is what I have to say to Google:


    With Chromebook looking like a flop, this is the tip of the advertising iceberg for them.

  8. Opera had in-browser ads. They also had (and still do have) 2% of the browser market share. Just a thought.

    • Mikah says:

      Only about 2% of the population are rated at gifted to Genius IQ , just a thought.

      • Rafael says:

        Hahaha, that research was a hoax.
        @openid-17976:disqus perhaps you’re seeing a lot of Opera ads in the Websites you visit? Google homepage? GMail loading screen? Hm, just a though!

        • Mikah says:

          I know the one you mean , made me laugh.
          However I was not quoting the hoax  

        • TiRANiD says:

          Yeah, I don’t wanna offend any user of Chrome or IE, but I always thought of Opera users as of people with IQ higher then average. No research – hoax or true – ever influenced my opinion.

          Opera is a little bit tricky when it comes to “tuning up” but when you’re done setting it up you get the most out of the web.

          • Rafael says:

            Ahh ok… I only do a few changes to the default setup. I’d say the IQ is involved in the fact of getting to know Opera and then use its features. cc/ @1afe8995cd7233567b82b9d8a64c8723:disqus

          • TiRANiD says:

            Well, I don’t know what you mean by “getting to know Opera”, but I guess we’re talking about the same thing but speaking different languages.
            Anyway, it’s not that crucial.

  9. daPhyre says:


    Personally, I don’t care a lot, I could easily ignore adds, and from time to time, they actually and honestly drag my attention (Not like those “click here and win” horrible adds…).

    But seriously?? I don’t think many will be pleased with that… It’s a very risky movement from Google. Plus, how many Chrome users doesn’t already know about the Chromebook?

    • Shane Bundy says:

      About all of them don’t know about Chromebook. I asked those at college who used Chrome and noone had heard of it.

      And most people (if not everyone) know why to avoid one.

  10. Armin says:

    I do hope this encourages more people to buy Chromebooks. They aren’t bad at all.

  11. Greg says:

    I don’t see a problem with the ad. It’s the only ad I’ve seen in Chrome
    Go Google!

  12. greench says:

    Does only Chrome have ads? I think rival developers can develop a branch from Chromium to build an alternative Chrome that is ads-less.