Google Chrome Is The Most Secure Web Browser

By | December 12, 2011

Google Chrome Is The Most Secure Web BrowserGoogle funded study confirms.

Accuvant, the US based research, firm has published a new study, which compared security features of the three most popular web browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.

As it turns out, the search giant funded study has made a conclusion that Google Chrome is the most secure browser out there, followed by Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Google Chrome Is The Most Secure Web Browser

After such claims, Mozilla has decided to respond with the following statement:

“Firefox includes a broad array of technologies to eliminate or reduce security threats, from platform level features like address space randomization to internal systems like our layout frame poisoning system. Sandboxing is a useful addition to that toolbox that we are investigating, but no technology is a silver bullet. We invest in security throughout the development process with internal and external code reviews, constant testing and analysis of running code, and rapid response to security issues when they emerge. We’re proud of our reputation on security, and it remains a central priority for Firefox.”

So here you have it folks. Despite continuous IE bashing in various communities, it still managed to beat Firefox in a non-biased study.

What do you think?

[Via: Forbes]

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  1. Ed says:

    Interesting, but don’t you think that a security test including Safari and Opera would have been accurate?
    Google asked Accuvant to make this test, are they scared of what the result could be with the top 5 browsers instead of the top 3?

    • Ok says:

      Well, looking at this table alone I can tell you that Opera wouldn’t be more secure than IE.

      Not sure about Safari, 

  2. Guesty Guest says:

    How biased was this study really?

  3. TiRANiD says:

    “Google funded study confirms”. LOL!

    You think there could be other results in a study that was “Google funded”?

  4. Sitter says:

    It’s ok, IE9 in another study was first now second. Grats!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Opera should have been included in this test. In 2009, a study by Symantec showed Opera to be one of the most secure web browsers. When browser studies (whether they are for speed, HTML5 support, security, or anything else) exclude Opera (and usually Safari, too), they lose credibility in my mind.

    All major browsers should be included in all browser tests!

  6. Guest says:

     oh god give it up people ..opera this opera that.. no really tell me whats your it that opera is more secure than google chrome?  if it aint beating chrome why talk about it? besides firefox is the closet you can get to a opera and masking yourself as firefox in opera just proves it.  People will never give chrome its props good job chrome!

    • Rafael says:

      1. Opera wasn’t tested so it didn’t beat Chrome. Neither Chrome beat Opera.
      2. This test just looks so stupid from that table in the post that even if Opera was in the test of course it would have lost because it was only a feature check: “Chrome has sandboxing let’s give it tick symbol without even testing, trying to inject malicious code and hack it passing through the sandbox”.

      I already pushed myself to my limits answering this part of you comment, the rest is just plain retarded.

  7. Mikah says:

    Do you have difficulty reading , seemed clear enough to me.
    His argument that was that Opera & Safari should have been included in the test.
    As an Opera fan I’m quite happy for it be left out of any sponsored tests which are always suspect.
    Due to its low market share Opera would have the lowest number of  vulnerabilities & would have been very quick to patch them.
     Most secure browser probably Chrome. due to its sandboxing of tabs.

  8. Anonymous says:


    “We have invested into releasing versions with inflated number. We also like to bitch at every other claim rather than buckling down and improving in those areas.”

  9. Skdfnskdfn says:


  10. Senina chung says:

    LoL, Since the report is commissioned by Google, they will test from the aspects which are good for chrome.
    I insist IE is the most secure browser. That why I’d rather use IE or IE based browsers likE Avant browser and Maxthon.

  11. Shane Bundy says:

    Why is it you never see a Mozilla-funded or an Opera-funded study on the Web?

    • Anonymous says:

      They are busy making their browsers better instead of coming up with studies to try to “prove” their browser is better. 

  12. rennmaxbeta says:

    You get the results you pay for. And Google funded this research very nicely thank you very much. Ridiculous.

  13. Relgoshan says:

    Ironically, wouldn’t Opera’s urlfiter.ini qualify for URL blacklist support? Or are they talking about master blacklist integration of some sort?