Google Chrome: Installer Does Not Open?

By | January 31, 2010

Got any setup issues? If Google Chrome installer does not work for you (nothing happens, when opening it), there might be nothing wrong with it.

In fact, if you already have Chrome installed and trying to upgrade it, installation might run silently.

Google Chrome: Installer Does Not Open

After you have “launched” setup, just open “About Google Chrome” and see version number. It’s highly possible, that you are already running your preferred release.


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  1. eik says:

    Yes , it is annoying … way different to Opera …..

    It’s like I CAN’T keep Chrome 4 and Chrome 5 at the SAME TIME ! not happy :( , In Opera I can do it :) …..

  2. alex says:

    I was wondering just yesterday when I updated to 5.whatever, after I started the installer for the second time and “nothing” happened again I checked the about site…

    I think it’s rly not a very customer friendly solution. I like to have control over the things I install. Of course it is very simple this way and you can’t do anything wrong.

  3. nvm says:

    Who cares, really? Most people just want it to work without messing around.