Google Chrome 5 Already Here

By | January 30, 2010

Google Chrome 5.0.307.1 BetaApparently, Google has already released a beta version of Google Chrome 5.0.307.1 web browser. Don’t get excited yet, as changes are minimal and there are no drastic new features and/or improvements.

Use default downloads directory on Vista and Windows 7 (except where it is the desktop)
Start work on Content Settings window and sub-dialogs.


With release cycles like these, we should see Google Chrome 7 by the end of this year.


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  1. eik says:

    Doesn’t work … installer doesn’t work for me :( …..

  2. eik says:

    sorry for the second post …

    I wrote a wrong email address before (above message ) .. sorry typed too fast lol..

    When I click the installer .. it doesn’t open nothing ….. :(

  3. Morbus says:

    This isn’t Chrome 5.0. It’s Chrome 1.5…

    Because it’s almost the same as 1.0… And still no RSS reader…

  4. mabdul says:

    yeah, but need a browser a web feed reader? or better formulated: should be a rss reader integrated in a browser? (opera is different: it is more a internet suite, sry but ffs reader is crap!)

    • Foo says:

      The biggest problem in my opinion is that they don’t even detect feeds in the header, so you can’t subscribe to them easily.
      I use Google Reader and if I would like to subscribe to a feed in Chrome I’d have to either copy the URL of the page I’m interested in and manually add it in Google Reader. If I’m lucky I might find a link to the feed somewhere on the page, if I look hard enough, such as those in the top left corner on this page.

  5. Chuck Monroe says:

    They are so pathetic with their release names – sounds like they’re trying to catch up with other browser version numbers. (Firefox “3”… is doing fine, so I know it isn’t a market study suggested that average users think that a higher version number is higher or something). We’re back to pathetic then.

  6. Chuck Monroe says:

    PS: I tested the alpha version of Chrome 73 (which comes out next week), I look the new feature they added. RSS reader should be part of Chrome in version 127, due out by late April.

  7. Nick says:

    I wonder what will be Crome’s version by the end of the year? :)

  8. Sergiu says:

    You are all idiots…THERE IS A RSS READER EXTESION!!!!THEY ADDED THEAMES,EXTENSIONS,A NEW NEW TAB PAGE,400% MORE FASTER THAT VERSION 1 how could you guys say that its like version 1?They should slow down the version acceleration because big numbers scare users,how would you use Chrome 20 for example?It seems profesianale but not user friendly Still Opera is better that Chrome (check out the newest Opera 10.5 snapshot thay also should rename the browser Opera 1 and restart teh numbering..just my 2 cents and sorry for calling you guys idiots.

  9. John says:

    And THAT is how the cookie crumbles.

    Lmao@ Chrome 127