First Windows Redstone Build Includes Hints at Edge Extensions

By | December 18, 2015

First Windows Redstone Build Includes Hints at Edge ExtensionsBuild 11082

Earlier this week, the software giant has released the very first (of many) Windows Redstone build for the Insiders, which, according to Microsoft, does not include any new features but instead, focuses on the underground changes that will lay the foundation for the upcoming batches.

If you are not familiar with Redstone, it’s basically the next major upgrade for the Windows 10 users, set for 2016.

So what does the Redstone have to do with browsers? Well, this is likely when the support for extensions will be introduced on Edge and now, it looks the very first public Redstone build does already contain some of the code.

As noticed by the WalkingCat, who is famous for discovering stuff like that, the following build contains Edge extensions registry keys as well as some files. However, as stated by him, the add-ons don’t seem to work yet.
Maybe next time.

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