Firefox 64-bit for Windows Now Available

By | December 16, 2015

Firefox 64-bit for Windows Now Available Grab it now.

With the recent release of Firefox 43, Mozilla has finally introduced the stable 64-bit build for Windows users, something we have been waiting for almost a decade.

In case you forgot, Mozilla has abandoned the 64-bit builds back in 2012 due to the “significant negative feedback” only to change their minds afterwards.

As far as Firefox 43 features go, it includes Private Browsing with Tracking Protection that allows users to choose additional blocking trackers, search suggestions selection from the Awesome Bar, on-screen keyword on selected input fields, various security fixes and changes for developers.

Congrats to Mozilla for reaching a significant milestone.

Firefox 43

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  1. Šime Vidas says:

    Do you know how to check if the 64-bit version is installed? I did an install, the setup said “Upgrade” and installed inside /Program Files (x86)/ (where the old installation was), and now I’m not sure if I indeed have the 64-bit version.

  2. mikeycali says:

    Unfortunately, so far, I’m not impressed. I had been using Nightly (64-bit) for a while and then transferred back to Chrome a few months ago. I decided to give the new Firefox 64-bit a try. Seemed to have a lot of lag, page-loading was choppy, and overall seemed to be a slower experience than Chrome. Also seemed unpolished. There doesn’t seem to be standards with respect to extension icon size and spacing. In Chrome they all have nearly the same dimensions and are evenly spaced. In Firefox, you can have large ones, small ones, some with counters above, others with counters below, and end up looking either packed together or spaced far apart. I’m still not giving up on Firefox but, when Edge gets extension support, and with Chrome still looking and acting like a premium browser, it isn’t looking so good.