First Opera 16 Build Released

By | July 19, 2013

First Opera 16 Build ReleasedNo mail reader in sight.

It looks like guys at Opera are busy working on features that did not make it to the final build of Opera 15. Today, they have added a support for Windows jumplists and auto form filler with more to come in the very near future.

According to Sebastian Baberowski, Opera is currently working on bookmarks, Opera Link, tab improvements (such as ability to pin them) as well as themes that should ease the transition pain when migrating from v12 to v16. Thankfully, they promised to release a new build featuring some of these enhancements in “a few weeks”, so stay tuned.

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  1. There wont be a mail reader, for a person that pretty much pretends to follow Opera development, you seem quite disinformed.

  2. yoyo says:

    closed tabs, enable pug-ins only on demand, delayed script execution, notes and sessions , stability while about 200 tabs open, I hope new version of Opera will provide this, or I will stuck at 12.15 for long time.

    • Rafael says:

      – Closed tabs: 4th entry in the menu.
      – Plug-ins only on demand: Settings -> Sites -> Plug-ins, set Click to play.
      – Delayed script execution: WTF
      – Notes: :/
      – Sessions: right-click tab bar and select save as Speed Dial group.
      – Stability while about 200 tabs open: have you actually experienced a crash??

      • Not the same experience, sessions was about more than tab-groups being loaded, it also worked to have pinned tabs, like bookmarks and downloads, to the left, together with mail client.

        You have no idea what Opera was about in this respect.

        • Rafael says:

          Well when they re-implement pinned tabs if the implementation is made in the same way as in Firefox and Chrome then the tabs will be kept independent of a saved session.

  3. tr4 says:

    Opera Broke marks edition!