First Opera 11.60 Build Goes Live

By | November 5, 2011

First Opera 11.60 Build Goes Live

Instead of assigning all the resources to continue the Opera 12 development, it looks like Norwegian browser maker has decided to take a different route and will be releasing Opera 11.60 (codenamed “Tunny” (meaning Tuna)), before that.

While it might sound like a bad thing for those who are eager to play with the final version of Opera 12, it won’t be much of a wait. According to the official blog post, Opera 11.60 Final will be released “very soon”.

As both versions are developed side by side, Opera 11.60 is set to include some of the Opera 12 features, including:

– A new version of JavaScript engine (codenamed “Carakan”), which should improve memory management
– A new HTML5 parser (you read more about it here)
– Opera 12 address bar, with search suggestions and bookmark star menu
– New web standards support

On a downside, Opera 11.60 will not include hardware acceleration nor new skins support.

In case you want to download it now, be sure to check a list of know issues as it’s still development.

For more details, see the original post.


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  1. Dkfjgnkfdgjdn says:

    sounds fishy

  2. St.Claude says:

    Smells fishy too… Very raw… Crashes every 2 seconds…

    • Cousin333 says:

      Is it a clean install, or you upgraded one of your previous versions? For me it is pretty stable, and certainly faster than 11.52.

      • St.Claude says:

        I should probably try a clean install. I actually upgraded 11.52. Maybe that’s what’s causing problems. Anyway, 12.00 alpha 1116 works flawlessly.

        • Cousin333 says:

          Unfortunately upgrading is not Opera’s strongest point. Especially in a snapshot.

          I suggest you to try a portable install first. It doesn’t worth the hassle to make a clean install, if portable version is also buggy.

          • St.Claude says:

            Yes, that was it. There are no problems with a portable install so far. Was using it for a half an hour – not a single crash. Although the previous install (11.52 upgrade) started crashing from the very first minute.

          • Geek says:

            Upgrading to any software to alpha/beta version is plain stupid

          • St.Claude says:

            Wouldn’t agree with that. Continuously upgrading v.12 (Opera), no problems or crashes.

          • Anonymous says:

            That is what “Next” is for. If Opera cannot upgrade without problems; then that is stupid

          • Dkfjgnkfdgjdn says:

            wow, if you ask me, opera doesnt really have many strong points, besides loading fast and loading pages relatively fast

            still cant display many webpages correctly, the process still remains after closing, thus causing errors and forcing the user to end the process manually and so on, and im talking about a fresh install, i dont remember using opera for more than a couple of days

          • St.Claude says:

            Never had problems you mentioned. Like not displaying pages correctly or the process remaining. Windows 7 x64. But also I never had those issues even when I was using XP.
            Anyway, what browser are you using as your default one? Just curious.

          • Dkfjgnkfdgjdn says:

            ive had problems with yahoo mail not displaying correctly on 2 computers

            and im now using firefox, my second choice is chrome (if firefox, by some chance seizes to exist one day), then if chrome disappears (by that i mean the end of its development, same for firefox) i will then use opera, the reason why i use firefox is mostly functional – there are addons that are only firefox-specific and dont exist in the other browsers. ive gotten used to have them up my sleeve and when im using another browser, there is this subconscious feeling that something really important is missing

            also firefox has the best adblock so far, followed by chrome and then opera – you just CANT make chrome or opera block ads in third party flash videos, check this page – .. there are many ads and especially the ones on the bottom about games are only blocked by firefox

            and so on, dont get me wrong, i wish opera or chrome could become even better than firefox, because im getting sick and tired of it so i can change, but at this point i still cant

          • St.Claude says:

            I don’t have a Yahoo mail account, so I can’t really say anything concerning this point. And, yes, there are some Firefox-specific addons, so nothing can be said against it either. But a couple of words about third party flash videos (as ads) – Opera lets you load plugins “only by demand”, so when I go to the page of I don’t see any “alive” ads at the bottom, those videos weren’t loaded (there are just two “dead” frames, if I can say so).
            I mainly use Opera because everything is built-in – Speed Dial, Mail, RSS client, download manager, mouse gestures.
            But sometimes (and pretty often, actually) I use Firefox too, though. I just love this Stylish addon with the help of which it’s easy to change the interface, and to make it look just awesome. Transparent or MacOS-like. ))

          • Dkfjgnkfdgjdn says:

            too much tinkering, i dont like that, i can do it, but its a waste of time when you are presented with an easier way of dealing with things like that, thats how i see things

          • St.Claude says:

            Different strokes for different folks.

          • Mikah says:

            Yahoo mail does display correctly for me but I seldom go to the page as I forward all the mail  to the Opera Mail client.
            I’m using Ad block in Opera going to I don’t see any advertisements.
            I’m not seeing any annoying third party ads in flash videos either , probably only because I can’t find them post a link to one & I’ll check it out.

          • Mikah says:

            Are you talking about the Stable version of Opera or the snapshots that come with the big red warning.
            ” WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes, and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all. ”
            There were a a couple of snapshots a while back that had the process remaining after closing Opera seems OK now.

  3. Armin says:

    So is this Opera Next 0.5?

    • Cousin333 says:

      Something like that… :)

      However it will upgrade your current stable Opera by default, and not the Opera Next branch, so watch out for that. The latter is reserved for future 12 snapshots, which should be expected in parallel with 11.6 releases.

    • Not at all, it is stated very clearly it will upgrade your current stable, not next.

  4. przemo_li says:

    At last Opera join HTML5 party! (Yes they where supporting it wholeheartedly all the time, but now we can enjoy it in Opera).

  5. Cousin333 says:

    “Instead of assigning all the resources to continue the Opera 12 development, it looks like Norwegian browser maker has decided to take a different route”

    Not really. They actually continue the Opera 12 development, as Opera 11.6 will be the current v12, except HW acceleration and WebGL (and the new “skin system”). Therefore this new 11.6 build is more advanced than the last 12 snapshot except HWA.

    The purpose of the whole change is to release the new features faster (HTML parser, new Carakan with full ECMAScript 5.1 support, other HTML5 and CSS3 elements), instead of making them wait for HWA to be finished. So actually they don’t want to make the mistake Mozilla has done with FF4.

    • Anonymous says:

      + They want to focus only on HW acceleration. My expectation is to expand extension api because they haven’t added anything about extension api on Opera 12, yet.

    • Looks like this is not the case.

      From Opera Employee

      “F.Y.I. There will be no 12.00 builds this week as we want need more feedback on 11.60, following these changes. We expect to start offering 12.00 builds again next week.”

      • Cousin333 says:

        I saw that. How does it contradict to what I have written? I told, that Opera 11.6 will be released side by side (except this short period, for “as we want need more feedback on 11.60”) differing in HWA and the “new skin system” which is actually Personas a’la Opera.

        You just have to read further in that topic:

        “Ruarí Ødegaard(ruario) # 2011. november 7., hétfő 18:15:55Originally posted by exzentrik:So I guess we will see these changes in one of the next 12.00 builds, too.Originally posted by godjonez:After Ruarí’s message, when the next 12.00 build comes next week or so, will these changes for 11.60 be included?

        (this “yes” was from Ruari, the very same person you have quoted)

    • Cousin333 says:

      “as Opera 11.6 will be the current v12”

      Well, I didn’t really mean that. What I wanted to say, is that the first 11.60 build was based on the current 12 snapshot, without HWA and new skin. Of course – as we already see – new functions will also be implemented in 11.60 before it reaches its final form, but these changes will also be transferred to the paralleling 12 builds.

  6. Po says:

    Speaking of “Fish” build in 11..

    Opera really likes fishes

    so this is right with their releases as Tunny(Tuna) being #4 and Wahoo(#3)

    i cant wait for the day opera reaches “Sailfish” release

    Opera could have a new JS engine even more faster than carakan

    remember that carakan is 7x faster than futhark(old JS engine of opera)

    • Cousin333 says:

      “Opera could have a new JS engine even more faster than carakan”

      It would make sense, as Carakan did not get significantly faster since its introduction, only model changes were introduced to lower memory consumption.

  7. Cousin333 says:

    And let’s not forget the M2 (mail) UI changes that are currently in development. I wonder whether they make it to 11.6, or we should wait longer.

  8. Greg says:

    What are they doing?  Opera 11.60 ok fine who cares ..but no HWA? wow what a crappy browser .Opera you suck smh

    • Cousin333 says:

      Troll warning!

      • Greg says:

         I was using Opera 12 snapshot with HWA and I was sold . Now they want to take it away to release ”11.60” Yeah..Great job Opera you lost me for good. Probably new spectacular ”speed dial” video coming soon so look out for that. Smh what a joke

        • Cousin333 says:

          They think HWA requires much more time to be polished. In the mean time they release 11.6 with other, more finished – and equally important – improvements, like the HTML5 parser, so that everybody can use them as soon as possible. However, you can still use the latest 12 Opera Next snapshots with HWA.

        • Swapnil says:

          Opera 11.60 would be released before first week of December, that’s something I am sure of. Also Opera plans to ship Opera 12 builds and Opera 11.60 builds side-by-side.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think 11.60 was a good move because HWA was so buggy on my system that I couldn’t use Opera Next (12 alpha). 

    • Anonymous says:

      They are releasing all the new stuff that is actually ready now instead of delaying everything until that one feature is ready. Should Opera delay the new HTML5 parser and JS5 support for an unknown amount of time until HWA is ready? Or should they ship with HWA even though it isn’t finished yet?

      Your comment is weird indeed.

    • Youre a complete idiot.

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously the smarter amongst us have already worked out that Opera is actually faster in software than many browsers are using hardware acceleration.

      If you try a Opera 12 build, it will crucify the other browsers.  11.60 is just about the same as them.

  9. Shane Bundy says:

    They’re only doing this as a stop gap. They don’t want people to wait ages for Opera 12 since HWA and the new themes support aren’t quite ready yet so I think it was a good idea to get the bits that are ready out quicker.

    I don’t see why people are trolling them so much. I don’t get the crashes others are getting. :S

    • Dkfjgnkfdgjdn says:

      what do you mean by “new themes support” ive noticed that on windows 7 with aero, the context menus of opera look like classic windows, which i find really ugly and kind of turns me off even more from opera

      does this mean, they will implement the aero context menu?

      • St.Claude says:

        Unfortunately not. The context menu in Opera really needs some work. And no-one knows whether they will implement the aero context menu or not… To tell you the truth these “new themes” are not much to look at. 

      • Shane Bundy says:

        I’m not too sure about “New Theme” support either. I’m only saying what Opera’s said.

  10. Anonymous says:

    @Vygantas:disqus DUDE! You have a problem with the contact page so I’LL POST ‘ERE:,review-1705.html

  11. Armin says:

    I just want Opera to introduce multiprocess browsing already.

    • Mikah says:

      Might help Opera release memory if they implemented it.
      Opera is a   multi-threaded application which helps with resources open a lot of tabs with  Chrome & it starts to struggle.

      • Swapnil says:

        No it won’t. Here is why? 
        Opera consumes the least amount of memory ACTUALLY. But you might have seen Opera’s memory usage to be more than almost all other browsers. This is not because Opera needs so much memory but due to A UNIQUE FEATURE OF OPERA. Opera stores each and every webpage in RAM until the tab is closed. So Suppose you were typing a huge comment but you accidentially clicked a link to another website. When using Opera, click the back button and what you typed will remain intact and you can continue typing – in other browsers you lose the whole comment unless you install Text back-up add-ons. Installing a Text saving/Text back-up tool will boost the memory usage of other browsers to the same level as Opera.

        • Mikah says:

          Firefox uses less memory than Opera but I was talking about releasing memory, Opera holds on to memory as if it was money all the other browsers are better than Opera releasing memory.
          I can delete all my data ,cookies history everything & it still keeps most of it. The only way to clear memory is a restart. Its not a big problem for me as I have 6 GB memory & I know Opera runs well on low powered net books but it would be nice if  deleting all your private data restored all your memory.

      • Armin says:

        I open a lot of tabs in Chrome all the time without issues. I am a big fan of customization and should thus like Firefox and Opera, which I do, but they simply can’t handle my surfing anymore. Firefox freezes for a couple of seconds at a time.and Opera is just slow in terms of responsiveness.

    • Mikah says:

      I was reading the comments on the Opera desktop Blog today & one of the Devs replied to a query about MemGaurd & that it is now built into Opera.

      “MemGuard is a full replacement for Opera.exe plus extra memory guarding features to complement Inspector IIXII. It ensures that any kind of bad memory access, e.g. dangling pointers or buffer overruns, will cause an immediate crash, instead of causing random crashers and thus useless crash logs potentially minutes later” . that quote is a couple of years old there was a download for Opera 9 on the page.

      Might shed some light on Opera’s policy regarding crashes . Let it crash easy & recover quick to keep the browser responsive. Most of the crashes I have take about 3 seconds & I’m back browsing again with all the tabs & tab history.

    • Which hasnt really proved any advantage but well…

    • Anonymous says:

      Multi process browsing is a folly.  It’s inefficient to the extreme, there is lots of duplication in memory.

      Better make a browser that doesn’t crash, rather than making a browser that crashes more gracefully.

  12. Mikah says:

     I would not like Opera be a miser with memory if it impacted performance but what possible reason can there be for it to hold onto memory   after you have closed all tabs & cleared the internet cache. 

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s the fastest browser because it’s good at using (and reusing) available resources.

      Clearly you are from the farm that has multicore computers with loads of memory and would prefer to have everything running on 1 core and not using all that available memory.


      • Mikah says:

        Multi process or multi threaded does not bother me Opera is fast enough I’m merely saying that if you delete all private data including history , cookies & closing all tabs Opera should release all memory its using without having to close the browser.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s more likely a failure on your understanding on how Windows manages memory.

          Does it release memory if you minimise and then restore the window?

          On Mon, 07 Nov 2011 00:41:52 -0000, Disqus

          • Mikah says:

            Opera 11.6 opening 132 tabs memory used 2.006GB deleting all private data = 465 MB
            minimizing & restoring Window no change.
            Closing & restarting memory = 52 MB

            Firefox 132 tabs = 1.080 GB closing tabs = 184 MB after 2 minutes
            Clearing everything = 157MB
            Restarting Firefox =53 MB

          • Anonymous says:

            LOL 132 tabs. Get a life…

            Sent from my Sony Ericsson LT18

        • Just ignore him, he is a well known hater.

          • Mikah says:

            I love Opera its a fantastic browser but its not perfect , Opera fanatics blindly defending Opera give Opera a bad name. 
            Makes me wonder if some of them are really Firefox or Chrome fanatics under the skin.

          • Swapnil says:

            Well, I am a true Opera ‘fanatic’ , though I don’t think ‘fanatic’ is the right word used.

            By the way, this post is too old. Opera 11.60 build 1139 released yesterday with a huge update for Opera Mail. And Opera 11.60 build 1144 released today with a short list of fixes.

          • Cousin333 says:

            And today build 1145 was also released, with a bit longer list of changes… :)

            Tomorrow I expect an Opera 11.6 beta release.

          • Anonymous says:

            Beta is out…  Presto 2.10….

  13. Mikah says:

    I think Winston Churchill defined fanatic best
    “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”

    ” Beta RC ” does that mean release Candidate for the Beta or Final ?