Firefox – Buggier but Fixes Issues Faster

By | March 9, 2009 | 7 Comments

During 2008 Firefox reported 115 flaws. That’s more than Safari (32), Opera (30) and Internet Explorer (31) combined. However, Firefox fixes the issues way faster than any other company.

The research was made by Secunia. (see pdf)



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  1. Well, since Firefox is more popular than any other web browser (expect IE) and is open source… No wonder it’s like that.

    Bet other browsers issues are just not discovered yet.

  2. Keano says:

    I thought Firefox is the only browser that is usable?

  3. Foo says:

    This is relevant and probably of interest, from:

    From a quick read it appears as though Firefox had almost 4 times as many security issues as IE or Safari! Like, OMG! However, that conclusion would be painfully incorrect. Mozilla discloses and releases bulletins for all security issues fixed in Firefox, regardless of how they were discovered. Unlike other vendors that only disclose issues reported by external independent parties, but not by internal developers, QA or security contractors.

    Lucas Adamski
    Director of Security Engineering

  4. Dan says:

    U are all just protecting the browser you prefer

  5. Dan says:

    i am talking about the people who responded not the article

  6. Kyle says:

    115 vulnerabilities and 1 vulnerability for an extension.

    And according to the PDF, the speed at which Firefox fixed the vulnerabilities is only compared against Internet Explorer, not Opera and Safari.

    So the headline is misleading. Yes, Firefox had the most, but it was only faster in fixing those when compared to IE. No data exists in the PDF for the speed at which Opera and Safari fixed anything.

    Opera is the most secure browser out there (from a purely numbers basis at least).

  7. heh says:

    “Firefox fixes the issues way faster than any other company”

    Opera and Apple aren’t companies?

    Also, are Mozilla’s own security reports counted? That would give all issues discovered by Mozilla a fix time of 1 day, which leads to a false conclusion.

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